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This had to happen eventually.

Most of you probably know how much I love obscure fandoms and pairings. Let me show you my current favourite:

The one in the front is Dok2 (aka Gonzo Tha Notorious Kid ... yessss wtf I don't know either), the one in the back is The Quiett. THEY ARE INSEPARABLE BFFS. Dok2 is tiny and pretty much everyone's heard or seen his name somewhere before; he's part of Tablo's Map the Soul crew and he's produced stuff for pretty much everyone in the underground scene at some point. The Quiett is somewhat more obscure; he's with Soul Company (the same label that houses Paloalto, i.e. the original Mrs. The Quiett and Dok2's not-so-stiff-anymore competition -- okay, I'll stop talking like this a;slkfd;as sorry! lalalala never mind all this idk why I thought Palo was with Soul Company) and he produces a lot, too, but he's not nearly as ubiquitous as Dok2. They've both been around about the same amount of time, but Q's released a lot more solo material. Anyway, they're inseparable and they're either always tweeting each other or they're in the same room together, and they even vacationed in Hawaii together!

TL;DR I ship them really, really hard. You should too.

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SO MUCH WTF. What the hell, Rain. XD Also the part with the sleeping lady = super super creepy.
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That is all.

expect another post of this sort once I cap the Wave MV
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Despite the title, this post contains no Arashi. It has Matchy, though! His performance on Music Station was too lolzy for me not to post it. XD God, his emo is so over the top. I couldn't stop laughing.

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Also! If all goes as planned (a;sldkfasd;k nervesnervesnervesnerves), I will be leaving earrrrly Friday morning and returning the first Sunday in March. I don't expect to have internet access during that time, which means I am going to miss you all lots. :(( I hope only good things happen to you all until I get back! &hearts

... Yeah, okay, that was awkward. :|
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Edit : finished the kpop meme! I can't believe I forgot to answer two of hte questions altogether, fail.

Oh god I seriously can't wait for this album to come out

Kay, so I'd known for a a little while that Koen was going to Korea. And since Tomo went over Christmas and Kenta/Poppy/Tomo were talking about studying for midterms (and Jongbae had mentioned taking his midterms and going to RS for dance practice), I assumed this was just another private vacation.

Wrong! k;lasdjfk;la Jongbae went to Korea with him! Everyone else stayed home, but Koen and Jongbae went together a;kdfa;ds that's so adorable. (So was this. And this.) They're my K-otic OTP. &hearts

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Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions:

1. The character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
11. Favorite character
12. My five favorite characters
13. My five least favorite characters
14. Which character I am most like
15. My deep, dark fandom secret

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*coos at the adorable*

So that this post isn't completely pointless, have the link to what is currently my favourite Hanchul fic. This thing is perfect. And by perfect I mean it features Jo Sung Mo (!!!!!!!) and Sungmo/Heechul and bitter!Hankyung and I adore it to pieces. ... Probably because it has Jo Sung Mo. But also because of the Hanchul. And the fact that it's extremely well-written. But mostly because of Jo Sung Mo. He should appear in every Hanchul fic, okay. Or any SuJu featuring Heechul. Boys are ~fabulous~ together, even if fandom doesn't want to ship them.
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I was trying to decide whether I should embed the new K-otic MV (as;ldfkdsj; their dancing it is in sync Poppy grew about five feet Tomo's hair JONGBAE'S GLASSES OMG) or F.Cuz's Jiggy (I am developing an unhealthy obsession with that song), but then [ profile] koshifuri told me about Countdown and I had to go watch it and this is ten times better than either of those other videos.

CAMWHORING TO THE MAX, I LOVE IT. XDDDDD Oh oh oh and the whole of JE backdancing at Countdown was just too great to pass up. Ohhhhh Matchy.

The thing about Matchy is that, camwhoring and grossness aside, Matchy is an amazing performer. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does. He sounds really, really good and his stage presence is overpowering. I'm mortified to be saying this, but I honestly think the man is better live than Go Hiromi.
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So today I learned how to ask about buying a prostitute in Chinese. XD Um ... it's probably wrong, actually. I just removed "map" from the online travel phrases and replaced it with one of the words for "prostitute", but still. I feel ridiculously proud of myself. XD;;

Two quick things before I start rambling about pop music --

1 - Would those of you who are toku fans give me a quick run-down of Taiga's personality quirks? His motivations, how he relates to other people/Fangire in general. I'm having trouble pinning him down and I have to finish this fic soon.

2 - Ninja fic. AGH I WROTE IT. Why did I write fic when I'm one of the only English-speaking fans who can tell them all apart? There are probably only about ten people who even know all their names. :/

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I did not know GallowS had a PV! Not exactly my favourite music, but they're cute. Even if Kaede needs to stop wearing pink.
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I'm two episodes into You're Beautiful (I ended up caving and watching it -- it's kind of hard not to when two of your best RL friends won't stop talking about it) and I really want to ship the stylist (what's her name? Wang Kkodi?) with Minyu. DD: IT'S NOT MY FAULT THE STYLIST ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE SHE'S CHECKING MINYU OUT, OKAY. Stylist/manager is cute, too, the way she's always beating him up. He's such a pushover, it's great. &hearts

Go Go Club released a mini! It's more like a single with three B-sides, but still. They even released a (really boring) MV! And here I was thinking they would never release anything again. :')

+ MV


I can finally tell them all apart now! I watched that about thirty times, haha. I just love that song to pieces, and the choreography and the rapping and everything a;skldfj;asdkfa;sd. OH AND THEY'RE ALL LEGAL. :D Seems like such a rarity these days.

I'm kind of shipping Jooyeon/Uee now. DDD: ADMIT IT, YOU ARE TOO.
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DO WANT, FUCK YES. Praying for a DVD release, because a;sldkfj;aslkd yesssssss. This is awesome too! I didn't think we'd get a Minzy single, and I was right, but at least we got half a Minzy single -- I figured they'd stop after CL and Minzy wouldn't get anything.

The more hate I see for Rainbow, the more I'm determined to like them. Their music is crap! Their choreography is crap, too! I WILL LIKE THEM ANYWAY. I WILL LIKE THEM AND THEN LOVE THEM AND THEN PIMP THEM OUT TO EVERYONE until everyone starts defriending me for being so obnoxious.

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I was looking at myself in the mirror yesterday and saw this strange bump in my neck and went "... wait, is that my Adam's apple?" And then I swallowed and it bobbed and sure enough, it was! Weird. I've never been able to see my Adam's apple before. I guess I really have lost weight. Neat.

This computer is blocking this entry at [ profile] omonatheydidnt saying it's broken the weighted word limit and therefore contains pornography ... apparently 2PM is too gay for Groovix Guardian. (It also blocks Korean-Japanese dictionaries because they contain "pornography : Japanese". And I've had PG-13 fic blocked for Malay porn, pffffft. The fuck is wrong with this thing?)

I wrote a paragraph and a half of Mary blackmailing Asano Atsuko into casting two jrs for the lead roles of Battery and making it into an epic underage ~boys' love~ story, and then I scrapped it because it was really awful and tasteless. I still think the idea is kind of funny, though. :/

I had a point to this entry, really. But it was mostly me rambling about recent kpop releases and how watching BEG's Sign MV and SS501's Collection MVs back to back will scar you for life. So instead you get a potentially less boring but equally pointless entry. This is why I try to write everything out in advance -- on-the-spot entries (what I've been doing for the past couple of months, ahaha) just don't have any content. :/
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I have finally figured out what weirds me out about Donghae!


That ... that is Donghae, right? I did actually get his name right?

Edit : Minho is a manly man brb crying
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I was planning to talk about Kamen Rider W 7, but SHINee ate my brain.

I don't think they're cool at all (well, maybe a little bit, but only in that "...... I can't believe I like this" way), but TAEMIN. WHAT THE FUCK. TAEMIN?!

I think I may be a bit more pansexual than I've always assumed, because. Um. I did find this pretty damn hot. :/ I think this is the part where I crawl under a rock (or into NaNo?) and never come out again.

As for f(x): I HATE CHOCOLATE LOVE. I HATE IT WITH A BURNING PASSION GOOD GOD THAT SONG IS SO AWFUL. I like the MV's slashy undertones, though! It really looked like they were all trying to seduce each other and have a massive orgy. But the costumes were blah, and so was the dancing. :/ How is it possible for Chocolate Love to be even worse than their debut single? I don't get it.

I think Luna is my favourite. &hearts

... SNSD's version was a thousand times better. (Song still sucks, though.)
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Between reading tennis slash, kpop fic, and marathoning Kiva (I'm almost done! a;skldfj;adks finally), I feel like I'm all but out the door for JE fandom. :( And that makes me sad, because I haven't even been around in JE fandom all that long. (My love for SMAP is still going strong, though. Goddamn this perf is awesome.)

So -- JE fic recs, anyone? I haven't read anything in, I don't know, five or six months. I NEED FIC. (If you rec me stuff, I'll, uh, write you something crappy? :3)
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F(x) really isn't doing much for me. :/ I love the name and I'm always glad to have another girl group, but I'm not sure I care for their image much. I'm already half in love with Amber though. *_____*

Six pairings I should not admit to wanting to read, but I will anyway in the hopes that someone can dig up fic for me, somewhere:
1. Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin. I REFUSE TO COMMENT ON THIS.
2. Molly (Sally)/Kumiko (Mona Lisa Overdrive). Kumiko's crush on Molly is seriously adorable (and also almost canon! WHERE IS MY FIC?).
3. Sawatari/Yankumi (Gokusen 3). I am convinced that Sawatari has feelings for Yankumi? Idek.
4. Tsuyoshi/Shingo (SMAP). I have a reason for this, and I'm not telling.
5. Sano Kazuma/Kubota Masataka (Stardust Promotion). YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS IT DOESN'T EXIST >:/
6. CL/Minzy (2NE1). *hides*

Tell me your current guilty OTP(s)?

Oh oh and

stolen from [ profile] pastdazed:

If you could have a fic from me, what fandom would it be from? With what characters? What would you like in it concerning plot . . . or not plot? No promises on pairings or porn (I don't write porn, sorry) most of all. But go ahead.

list of fandoms )

Things I will do this weekend or else I will commit seppuku:
-study for logic (:DDDD)
-write something stupid
-catch up on comments (a;klsdf;jas I think some of them are over a month old? FAIL SELF FAIL)
-figure out a birthday present for [ profile] ksilver


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