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So today I learned how to ask about buying a prostitute in Chinese. XD Um ... it's probably wrong, actually. I just removed "map" from the online travel phrases and replaced it with one of the words for "prostitute", but still. I feel ridiculously proud of myself. XD;;

Two quick things before I start rambling about pop music --

1 - Would those of you who are toku fans give me a quick run-down of Taiga's personality quirks? His motivations, how he relates to other people/Fangire in general. I'm having trouble pinning him down and I have to finish this fic soon.

2 - Ninja fic. AGH I WROTE IT. Why did I write fic when I'm one of the only English-speaking fans who can tell them all apart? There are probably only about ten people who even know all their names. :/


He just looks so happy! ;________; Ugh, why is he so adorable. His whole album is really, really good, too -- I don't think there's a single track I don't love. My favourites are Lock Me Up, I Fell for My Friend's Girlfriend, and Tears Run Dry (although I think I prefer the Korean version of the last one to the English. HANBEON SSHIIIIIIIK~).

I've fallen prey to jrock again. D: This is why I should stop surfing Nautiljon when I'm bored -- I always end up downloading 19823764 albums and only listening to three of them and getting unhealthily obsessed with music that only makes me depressed.

BUT IT'S SO GOOD. I admit I already liked Art Cube because I like all bands signed to Sequence Records on principle, but 9GOATS BLACK OUT are amazing. They're like a visual kei cross between L'Arc~en~Ciel and Gackt and Dir en grey and they're good. I don't know how many VK groups I've liked until I stumbled across their lives and realised that they really suck (or usually that the vocalist really sucks) but Ryo's control is absolutely perfect. Oh, and they're all extraordinarily beautiful people :

Left to right : hati, ryo, utA. I don't know why they spell their names like that -- it's just a jrock thing. XD Please ignore the fake blood on Ryo's face and hands; it makes him less attractive than he really is. JUST LOOK AT HOW PERFECT THEIR FACES ARE. WHAT THE HELL, WHY ARE THEY SO PRETTY. UtA in particular is simply gorgeous, although that picture doesn't really do him justice either.

I want to make a pimp post (god I really do stick out in jrock fandom like a sore thumb :/), but there's basically no fandom to begin with, which means there is and will be no fic, either. BUT IT SHOULD EXIST. 9GOATS BLACK OUT are like the perfect VK band. DD:

I did not know GallowS had a PV! Not exactly my favourite music, but they're cute. Even if Kaede needs to stop wearing pink.
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