Aug. 12th, 2010

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This had to happen eventually.

Most of you probably know how much I love obscure fandoms and pairings. Let me show you my current favourite:

The one in the front is Dok2 (aka Gonzo Tha Notorious Kid ... yessss wtf I don't know either), the one in the back is The Quiett. THEY ARE INSEPARABLE BFFS. Dok2 is tiny and pretty much everyone's heard or seen his name somewhere before; he's part of Tablo's Map the Soul crew and he's produced stuff for pretty much everyone in the underground scene at some point. The Quiett is somewhat more obscure; he's with Soul Company (the same label that houses Paloalto, i.e. the original Mrs. The Quiett and Dok2's not-so-stiff-anymore competition -- okay, I'll stop talking like this a;slkfd;as sorry! lalalala never mind all this idk why I thought Palo was with Soul Company) and he produces a lot, too, but he's not nearly as ubiquitous as Dok2. They've both been around about the same amount of time, but Q's released a lot more solo material. Anyway, they're inseparable and they're either always tweeting each other or they're in the same room together, and they even vacationed in Hawaii together!

TL;DR I ship them really, really hard. You should too.

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