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MALAYSIA’S ”dangerous” decline is fuelled by incompetent politicians, Thailand is dogged by corruption and a ”very erratic” crown prince, Japan is a ”big fat loser” and India is ”stupid”.

So say some of Singapore’s highest-ranking officials, according to leaked US State Department cables that are likely to spark intense political controversy in the region.




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I: I really love Seattle. I'd love to live there.
Mother: This is why you should be a writer!
Mother: >:')) /imagines me as the next Barbara Kingsolver
I: >:')) /imagines writing gay/asexy scifi forever

This is why most of our conversations end in a null result. XD


He's my favourite seiyuu/Japanese singer ever (and my second-favourite actor). Seriously, guys. I don't talk about him or his music much, but I listen to him all the time and if there were one person I honestly wanted to be, it'd be he. Yes, that's grammatically correct, predicate requires a predicate nominative and not an object, I am not actually talking about this it's just your imagination shhhhhhh. :||||

I'm not going to pretend this is the best thing he's ever done because it's not, but it's exactly the kind of song that made me start listening to his music in the first place, so I'm happy. :)) And he's just so happy and energetic in the MV that it makes up for any lack of entertaining visuals or intriguing concept.
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I'm back on twitter.

Also, fuck you all for making me play Echo Bazaar. NOW COME JOIN ME US IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. >:|

Y'all should also download Westfront PC, too. (Just ctrl+f to find the download link, it'll be the first instance it appears.) BEST TEXT ADVENTURE EVER why will no one give it a try for me >:(!!
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Before I wade into the heavier material in this post, I just want to point out this Lao pop blog. IT IS A GODSEND. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any places to actually get the mp3s to the videos there and I'm too lazy to rip all the youtube videos, but hey, it's a start. :D

This is my new favourite site: New Mandala: New perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia. (Dreamwidth feed for anyone interested. Anyone willing to make me an LJ feed?)

I fully admit that I don't know a lot about any of the Southeast Asian countries, despite my interest in them, and that I am especially ignorant of life and politics in all the countries that aren't Thailand. This site is by no means the only place from which I should be gathering my information, but it's very interesting and very instructive and it's a great place to go for social and political commentary that goes beyond the new coverage found in most Western media. Sample articles. )
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This is a tpop post!


G-TWENTY'S AMAZING NEW SINGLE. (Youtube link.) I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH IT'S RIDICULOUS. It's not even as good as Blink Blink, but I don't care. I have been waiting for them to do something new for ages and I never even got a MV for their last single and I am just so so so very happy right now. :'))


I didn't realise SWEE:D had another single out! (I already found it for anyone who wants the mp3. :'D) The MV teaser looks promising.


Finally, the real point of this post :

The Halloween theme is kind of weird, considering that it's now Thanksgiving, but ;askdf;asdkfsa they all look so good and I love the dance and Milk and Nune just got about 10293827192 times hotter. WATCH IT. THEY ARE PERFECT AND ADORABLE AND A;KSLD;JFASKD;FLASD ;_______________;

okay so it's not as good as Alzheimer BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE IT'S NEW CANDY MAFIA and they're back to being fierce ;_______;
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yono: oh keytar you missed me
yono: quoting sherlcock
yono: ...
yono: sherlock
yono: D:

RL ) Thai pop )
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So I told cute girl to text me her address so I could pick her up and then I forgot to leave my phone on so I could read the text, orz.

TL;DR my life sucks )

Let's talk about something happy! I AM IN LOVE WITH SHERLOCK. As evidenced by my fancy new moodtheme and header. 8D It is the best show ever. Sherlock (played by Benedict Cumberbatch, whom I adored in Amazing Grace) is a high-functioning sociopath with symptoms of Asperger's, and he's cruel and cutting and utterly uninterested in even engaging in conversation with the people around him. Or he is until he meets John Watson. And at first it looks like this adaptation might have the same slashy undertones of so many others, except that Sherlock is just ... not interested. (And John is pretty obviously not interested as well, but for different reasons.) Sherlock is not only asexual (actor's comments here and here), he's quite possibly aromantic. And also very possessive. (If I remember correctly, his possessiveness in an aromantic context is detailed in the ace manifesto I linked to first.) Besides these obvious points in his favour, he's also just a delight to watch. Whether you read him as asexual or not, he's such an intriguing character that it's impossible to take your eyes off him. It helps that he's very aesthetically gorgeous.

Obviously I'm more inclined to love the show because of Sherlock's asexuality. I'm not going to deny that -- I've never encountered such a well-known character being portrayed in a way that I can actually relate to, with the possibility of romance not only nonexistent, but the contemplation of such a possibility having no place in the story. That never, ever happens. Sherlock's complete disinterest is one of the most attractive things about the show to me.

But that doesn't change the fact that I would have loved it anyway. The stories are good. The dialogue is witty and fast-paced. The characters are all so delightfully weird, with the exceptions of Donovan and Lestrade; but even they have their own quirks that make them stand out. (My favourite example of a weird bit character: the PA of Sherlock's brother spends all her time looking at her phone, completely off in her own world, completely uninterested in anything that doesn't involve ... well, that doesn't involve her phone. She's amazing. I love her.)

The ending made me froth at the mouth in rage, but it was a good ending nontheless. And it made me love the show more once I got over my initial anger. XD

In conclusion: please ignore the fact that this is the worst attempt to entice anyone into watching anything ever and WATCH THE SHOW. You will not regret it, I promise. And I can provide you with the resources necessary to do so. >8D

On a related asexy note, here's a post about reading Neal Caffrey (White Collar) as a potentially asexual character. It's spot-on, yet I hadn't even considered the possibility. Fascinating.
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Kim Hyung Joon continued, “Although negative opinions rose as we joined different agencies, our unity is absolute. Like Shinhwa, we will pursue our personal dreams but always be part of SS501.”

He also described the bond between each members, “When we decided to go our separate ways, we promised to keep our group intact. It was the foremost prerequisite for our new contracts. We only need to decide the release date for the album.”


From this entry. I honestly started crying with happiness when I saw that. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE KPOP GROUP FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER. ;___________; I am still not over this. I will never be over this. SS501 ;___________; Shinhwa! :3

Oh and

OH HEY [ profile] fadingpetal GUESS WHO CALLED IT >:)

Apparently Higashi is married. :O I am in shock! My brain cannot process this information! My whole worldview has shattered. ;________;

Whatever, at least it's not Matchy. If Matchy got married, I would probably die of grief. MY PEDO BOYFRIEND WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CREEP ON LITTLE JRS ANYMORE. Um.


Hi Matchy is my favourite
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THIS IS THE NEW CANDY MAFIA SINGLE. IT'S NOT OUT YET. EXCUSE ME WHILE I SCREAM IN GLEE. It's got a 4minute vibe! As ... expected of my girls, ahaha. I CAN'T TELL ANYONE APART. Or I think I can, but the lighting is bad and their hair is all the same and I'm mostly going off of how they move. :(


This kid is sleeping in the chair fifteen feet away and I CAN HEAR HIM SNORING. Go to a study room, man, you're distracting me from my perfect baby girls. :(
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Still not feeling this single as much as their first two, but YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS NEW 3.2.1 MV! \o/ TJ is still my favourite ;alskf;jasdkaf. TJ/Poppy kiss omfg ;________; HOW FUCKING CUTE WAS THAT! FUCKING HELL IT WASN'T ACTUALLY POPPY FUCK YOU KAMIKAZE WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO MY HEART ;___________;


Yeah. :3
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[ profile] itachibana13: he gives a gd feel from his voice
[ profile] itachibana13: but looks/acts like top
[ profile] itachibana13: this is slightly mindblowing


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[ profile] biases: omg the chorus
[ profile] biases: i need your baby
[ profile] biases: OMG
[ profile] biases: THIS SHOULD BE THE THEME SONG
[ profile] biases: FOR EVERY MPREG
[ profile] biases: EVER
[ profile] biases: wow
[ profile] biases: i'm having nightmares tonight
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As I think I said in my last RL-related post, up until now I've tried to keep most of the shit that goes down re: transition to a minimum, but I'm changing that. This is my LJ, and this is my space to vent or attempt to educate as I see fit. I now commence ranting at you.

Humans suck. )

I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THIS MEME. Oh god, it's been ... I have no idea how long since I lasted posted a response to it. XD (Goal: finish this meme within a year of its start! LET'S SEE IF I CAN DO IT OR NOT.)

Day 5: Your favourite song from your favourite guy group )
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Among all the amazing tpop I discovered the other day (most of which belongs to the Smallroom label -- I'm so glad I found that Youtube channel, it makes my life complete!), this was my favourite.

If it looks a bit like OK Go, well ... there's a reason for that. XD I like the credits for their inspiration at the end: "Thank you OK Go, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls." ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS.
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Flist cut done! Please refer to this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about. If you want back on, refer to that post as well and let me know? If you can't see my post about wanting to write Shinhwa fic, then that means I cut you.

As always, please don't hesitate do defriend me if at any point you see me on your flist and think, "Wow, I never read his entries, and we never talk. Why is he on my flist?" Relationships are transient; they come and go, and maybe they were never properly built in the first place. Maybe one day down the road we'll run into each other again and hit it off (again, or for real for the first time). Maybe we won't. It's okay either way.

and omg please don't feel sad if you didn't want me to remove you, I only did it because we never talked at all and I was too afraid to strike up a conversation after so much silence ;_____; I'm really okay with re-adds! they just mean I have to try harder! ;_______;
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EDIT: I suck at setting comment settings properly. Comments are now screened! Sorry ;______________________;

TL;DR ahead, sorry. XD;;

It's not so much about not wanting people to read my entries as it is feeling weird reading some of your entries. I don't really care if any of you have access to my journal; I trust you all with the amount of information I've given you (although maybe I shouldn't, considering that a while back someone saw my Facebook and then asked on the meme if I was a guy or girl lmao what, does my name not give it away?!). But I feel weird reading some of your entries -- we've never talked at all, and I know that's largely my fault because I suck at commenting and I suck at replying to comments, but it doesn't change the fact that I know all these things about you without actually knowing you at all. And that's pretty creepy. Plus the longer we're on each other's flists, the more awkward it is to open a comment box and reply. Maybe I should just swallow my nerves and do it, but I'd rather give you a chance to opt out of potential awkward and creepy times first to avoid the discomfort of telling me later that oh, hey, now that we do kind of know each other, I'm not the kind of person you want on your flist!

Hence this post.

If we have never talked or we haven't talked in a really long time and you want to keep me around, please let me know! Similarly, if you ever want off my flist for any reason, let me know as well. That applies to all of you. I'll be defriending anyone who asks and anyone to whom I haven't spoken (either here or on twitter/AIM/MSN/whatever) since we friended each other several months ago. If I defriend you and you still want to get to know me, I'm perfectly fine with that! Just, um, let me know? Because right now I have no idea of whom I should try to connect more with and who really just wants me gone.

Comments are screened, so defriend away!

Man, this post is awkward all around. D:
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[ profile] gsama: q would love disney world. because he is mentally twelve. and dok2 looks twelve. together, they fight crime.


Yeah, okay, I know it's for Jay's fanmeetings and they're not just ~honeymooning together~ again. I DON'T CARE. OTPPPPPP \o/
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One of my friends (the lovely [ profile] omnipresentdmat) posted this on Facebook a little while ago, and I felt compelled to repost it in its entirety. It's about something I've been noticing recently, too, and which I find deeply disturbing. Everything that follows is her words, not mine.


About a month ago I went to the profile of one of my high school English teachers and saw that she had liked a page called 'I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PRESS 1 TO HEAR A MESSAGE IN ENGLISH... WE ARE IN AMERICA, LEARN THE LANGUAGE'. I'd never thought of that teacher as a person with prejudiced views and I was pretty understandably surprised and disappointed (if you read this, by the way, I completely stand by all that I say here). Since then, I've started counting the people on my feed who join groups with names that in some way incorporate variations on the phrase 'I shouldn't have to press 1 for English'.

There have been five of you--and that's only in the past month.

I don't understand why so many Americans feel the need to embrace willful ignorance of the rest of the world. Does it really hurt you to push 1 for English? These options are not in place because the customer is not learning English--most people come here with the intention of learning English, and many have already begun learning the language. The operative word there, if you're looking for it, is learning. These people are in the process of learning the language. English is a difficult language and it takes time to learn as it does with any second language. Even once you feel fairly proficient, would you want to perform delicate operations like managing your finances in a foreign language? This isn't a sign of the degradation of our country, it's a sign that we're taking notice of those with needs that differ from our own. America isn't the only country to offer multilingual support; in fact, ours is actually much more sparse than most places as we typically offer only English and Spanish. Canada, for instance, has French on a great number of their signs. When I studied in Japan, I noticed that most public utilities such as ATMs and ticket machines offered English, Korean, and Chinese in addition to Japanese. I think I would have been lost without the English option, honestly. I'm beginning to feel comfortable with my speaking ability in every day conversations and I could perform most day-to-day tasks in Japanese, but banking in particular would have been an unimaginable nightmare. I can't imagine how I would have felt if someone had told me that, rather than having those options, I should learn Japanese. I was learning Japanese but it still wasn't good enough. I would have felt so stupid and so discouraged. Language-learning would have lost its appeal if people were constantly judging my progress in a way that really comes off as mean-spirited and petty.

This whole trend is also rife with discrimination against our hispanic citizens. The discrimination against those of Latino origins in the USA is really ridiculous; it's the reason we have horrible, nationalistic, racist laws proposed such as Arizona's SB1070. This sort of xenophobia in America, a nation of immigrants, is so distasteful and hypocritical that I've lost my patience entirely with these groups. You may think they are funny, but they are hate groups. They are hateful toward anyone who does not speak English fluently in general and toward hispanic citizens in specific.

The reason I'm writing this out is that several of the people I've seen join these groups are people I consider likable and intelligent. I don't think you're meaning to be hateful or xenophobic. You probably think these groups are funny. They're not funny; they're bigoted and I've resisted saying something for long enough. Get over yourselves. The inconvenience that you experience over having to push one button is much smaller than the inconvenience others would experience without the option.
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A conversation I just had on AIM:

[ profile] rashes: hello
[ profile] nakchi: hey!
[ profile] nakchi: just a sec, in the middle of a word war
[ profile] nakchi: be back in twelve
[ profile] rashes: BEER BOTTLE PENIS
[ profile] rashes: USE IT
[ profile] nakchi: LOL WHAT
[ profile] rashes: DO IT NOW

...and then he signed off about two minutes later.


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