Jan. 4th, 2010

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Does anyone remember that SJM twitter!fic? The one where Donghae keeps flirting with the fans and Heechul creates all their usernames (Hankyung hates his) and they have the most inane conversations via twitter when they're sitting in the same room? (Why can't I find the link when I need it. :/) Well, K-otic's tweets are just like that.

Sort of.


kenta_kotic: Toilet is my soulmate lol!!!!
Tomo_kotic: @kenta_kotic dude, you went to the restroom like 6 times already within 1 hour. Thts amazing.
kenta_kotic: @Tomo_kotic actually more than ten times hahaha T T

And they confess their love to each other. (Koen's response. He's lying, though. He thinks Kenta is sexy and he calls him Smoky J -- short for smoky japanese man???? ... or something.)

Oh, and true to their Thai nationality, they listen to kpop. IT HAD TO APPEAR SOONER OR LATER. Oh, Thailand and your obession with kpop culture. &hearts

Have the MV of my favourite song in the hopes that someone among you will like them. (They rap in Korean and Japanese! They are all (sort of) fluent in three to four langauges! Jongbae's glasses are perfection itself!)

This is not the first post I was planning on making when I finally decided to type something up, but these boys are taking over my life. :(( There is a pimp post in the works ... a reallllly bad one, because they have no fandom. Why am I a sucker for fan-less groups?

Resolutions for 2010 : stop jumping small fandoms so much and interact more with my flist.


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