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Meme stolen from [ profile] niav (... like the rest of them).

1. Pick up to 10 OTPs.
2. Describe them in less than (mostly) 15 words.
3. Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. [toku] Incest, but not really (one of them is a clone). - Tendou/Hiyori, guessed by [ profile] niav
2. Ryoma-sama fanclub. - Tomoka/Sakuno, guessed by [ profile] spheksophobia and [ profile] diamondsjack
3. "Usu." - Kabaji/Atobe, guessed by [ profile] diamondsjack
4. A pillar of sushi. - Taka/Ryo, guessed by [ profile] diamondsjack
5. [jdrama] Let's re-enact Shakespearean tragedies. - Katsuragi/Kurosaki, guessed by [ profile] diamondsjack
6. [jdrama] I'll buy you a trumpet if you'll be my slave for a year.
7. [... j-rps?] Sweet Power. (OT3)
8. [JE] "Bu-chan." - Ohta/Nagao, guessed by [ profile] diamondsjack
9. [JE] Storm. - Arashi, guessed by [ profile] diamondsjack
10. [jdrama] Prepubescent boys' ~destined meeting~.

I AM SORRY MY DESCRIPTIONS SUCK SO MUCH. ;ASLKDFJ;ASD I AM SO BAD AT THIS. I will cry if no-one gets #10, because it is my biggest OTP ever. &hearts Well, sort of. It is my biggest guilty OTP ever, anyway. Which should totally be #5, shouldn't it ...

J-Seventeen/JE )
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Apparently Bun has "sexy lips".

Of all the things I would have focused on for that ad, that was not it.
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A friend of mine linked me to this )

Mr. Brain is fun! Not one of the best dramas I've seen, but detective dramas rarely are. HOWEVER. Normally I'm okay with guys getting in each other's faces, but was it really necessary to get this close? Tanbara, you do realise how suspicious that looks, right?

I started watching Koizora despite the fact that Seto's face gives me indigestion (why is he the most popular D-Boy? I don't get it D:) because OMG, ELENA AND HARU. IN A DRAMA. TOGETHER. The whole thing is super-sappy romantic drivel, but that's okay. ELENA. HARU. DRAMA. TOGETHERRRRR.

Hiro is a total ass. Like. A complete and utter dickwad. He's territorial and possessive and randomly beats the shit out of anyone who looks at his girlfriend unrequited crush the wrong way. SAKI IS AMAZING THOUGH and not just because she's Haru's character. She's evil and conniving and a total bitch and I love her to bits. *_________* Hiro probably learned everything he knows about how to be an asshat from her. (Also, Haru and Elena playing eternal love rivals, lololol.)

I hope this column sticks around forever. I could stare at Haru in fishnets for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

This. ... Haru, that is a rather unfortunate bikini top. Do you really want to walk around in public with your tits so obviously censored? I'M RIGHT OKAY >:[[[ )

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. &hearts My mother did come home, and she did have her last treatment, and we all went up to her mother's memorial service together. Friday was stressful, but the rest of the weekend actually turned out pretty well. I'm sorry if I made any of you worried in any way. &hearts
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In the last issue of J-Seventeen, several of the models were asked what they'd wanted to be as children, and most of the responses were Sailor Moon characters. But Haru? Haru wanted to be Ultraman.

Mirei continues to act really gay, and Asami is secretly a crazy VK cosplayer at heart. (No, really. Well, not really, but she's a VK fangirl, and I'm easily amused.)

I know I feel like this every month, but I really think this might be my favourite issue of Seventeen yet. Even without Mitsuki. ;___;

I wanted to write about Decade, but I'm in the middle of the Faiz storyline and I'm pretty sure all I'd get out would be keysmash after keysmash about Daiki anyway. And almost no-one on my flist cares about toku anyway, so I'll save that for later (or never).

Oh! But I have to mention : my KS7 novel arrived! It's pre-show, so there's no Keita/Seven, but I like the little bit of Takimoto we get to see in the series. (I really don't understand why this cost $15, though ...) Apparently Seven's first word (thought?) was 'waves'. I was flipping through it and apparently Takimoto doesn't want Seven to address him by his first name, because there's a part later on where Seven starts to call him Sousuke and then backtracks and says 'Takimoto-san' instead.

... I'm not sure why I thought that was worth mentioning, but, uh. I'll think up a reason later. Decade time &hearts


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