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Birthdate:Jul 29
New journal because I think that most of the people on my old flist don't want me there anymore but are too nice to say so. If you knew me on my old journal, feel free to friend me. I'll add you back. :)

To the rest of the world: I dislike random friendings. I love meeting new people, but I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line. I'm horrible at commenting on other people's journals and I'm kind of awkward on instant messengers, but I'll do my best to reply to anything you say to me and I'd love to get to know you. Most of my journal content is fandom-related, so it would probably help if we share a few fandoms (main fandoms include Kamikaze/Thai pop, kpop, tokusatsu, JE, DA Family, Tenipuri, Tenimyu, and a number of other real person fandoms).

More about me:
-I am legal in Japan! Which is to say I have turned 20 (god, that still feels surreal to me, I haven't even gone to college yet).
-I like creepy pairings and crack pairings and (almost) every pairing that isn't mainstream. Chances are I don't like your OTP, sorry.
-My updates are often sporadic; I tend to quit LJ for weeks at a time. You're more likely to find me on AIM/MSN.

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