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2010-08-22 10:02 pm

I warned you that this was coming

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Release post is up!

Let me spazz at you about this MV ... over a month after its release, orz. THAT'S OKAY. IT STILL MAKES ME JUST AS GIDDY AS THE DAY IT CAME OUT.

I remember going ".........wtffffff is that new concept" when the teaser first came out (watch that! it has clips of them recording and Yoshi's hair isn't atrocious for once! and Fluke's glasses are adorable!) and thinking it fit the song, which I loved, but that it was damn ugly. Mostly because, once again, Yoshi's hair sucked. And because after two similar concepts, I was not ready to be impressed with their ~badass~ image.



Hilarious product placement aside, the song is catchy and the dance is perfect and it fits the plot of the MV surprisingly well. By which I mean the numerous body rolls and chest pops are thoroughly appropriate given that they're supposed to be wooing a girl who doesn't give a shit except for the part where they're eye candy. And then, well, there's the fact that they're eye candy. And they're doing body rolls and chest pops. IT IS WELL WORTH YOUR TIME TO WATCH IT.

... That was the shittiest attempt at selling anything ever.

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