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Kamen Rider W 29&30 )

This needs to be embedded outside a cut, okay.

I LOVE THAILAND. I love that they made an MV about a lesbian relationship where they were already in love, where they were past the "omg lezbeeanzz ohnoez" drama of Zee's first MV. (Which was also amazing and kind of groundbreaking considering how RS artists immediately become part of mainstream Thai culture -- toms were already pretty visible, but like any part of the LGBT community, they were largely ignored in pop culture. Now they're not. And Zee is being portrayed as someone it's okay for any girl to date, straight or gay, which makes me even happier; she's not being marketed as just a gay icon. I love it.) At first I thought it was going the same route as her first MV -- guy/girl vs girl/girl -- but that's not it at all. This MV doesn't give a damn about the gender of the people involved. It's a story of loss, pure and simple. ALSO CAN I SAY THAT MAINSTREAM OR NOT, ZEE ACTUALLY KISSED THE GIRL AND AHHHHHHHH I WAS SO SHOCKED AND HAPPY. SO. SO. HAPPY.

Everyone watch this ;_________________;

Tpop )

Annnnd lastly, I decided to do that 30 days meme. For tpop. Of course. What else would I choose? :|

Day 1: your favourite guy group )
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[ profile] saengie's cbb made me decide to catch up on W. It's been a while, and I'd forgotten just how batshit toku can be, but --


Y'all should go read that fic, it's amazing. It's kind of based off of W, and I am in awe. *___________*
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Edit : Apparently! Happy Hangul Day, all.

Ooh ooh Samurai High School looks interesting. Shirota and Yanagishita Tomo! AND MUROI SHIGERU. I LOVE THAT WOMAN SOMETHING HARD. That doesn't sound dirty at all what are you talking about. Shirota's the lead supporting actor ... does this mean it's another chance for him to act gay with the main character? Because I thoroughly approve if that's the case.

I missed ordering the LE of Winter Diamond Party. Killstab. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, WHY DID I NOT CHECK MY EMAIL IN THE PAST ELEVEN DAYS. DDDD:

Are Ohno, Shige, Maru, Koyama, Yasu, Hina, and Leader really all in a drama together? (Leaderrrr! &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts) Are they all playing important roles? ... This is probably like that HS7W drama, isn't it. Not a full ten episodes. D:

Question for you all : if you were to create your own toku show, from scratch (think Garo?), what kind of world would you create? And then if you got to choose between creating a Kamen Rider or sentai show, which would you choose and why?
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HAS ANYONE ELSE LOOKED AT THE KOISHITE AKUMA HOMEPAGE? BECAUSE DEAR GOD IT IS LIKE A CARICATURE OF ITSELF. Sparkles! Photoshopped fangs! The whole thing (and the whole idea, too, really) looks like some elaborate prank on the rest of fandom. I still can't quite believe it's real.

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I bound my chest today because I've been feeling pretty masculine lately (it goes in cycles) and wore a really baggy shirt and passed well enough that it was pretty awkward in the women's restrooms. I wish there were more than two unisex restrooms on campus. :/

I haven't had enough internet time recently to catch up with JE, so I have nothing to say about that fandom. And I'm totally in the dark about what's happened recently. Did I miss anything exciting?

Shinkenger 12 )

Marimite season 4 )
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I found this fun little blog today that's made bentos of all five Shinkengers. They're adorable! (Whoever did this did Go-on Black as well -- probably all the Go-ongers, maybe some earlier series too?) I'm trying to resist tinhatting about the fact that there's green wrapped all the way around Red's bento, but IT'S REALLY HARD. This is all [ profile] niav's fault for talking about Takeru/Chiaki so much. >:[[

I watched the Star Trek movie today! Spoilers. )

I keep meaning to talk about the April JE releases, but I suppose that will have to wait a little longer. Or not happen at all.


I like the girl in the hat *______*
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Edit : Lolwhut. Gmail says [ profile] spheksophobia's reply exists only in the future! XD

My mother's surgery went well! :D~ She's recovering from the anesthesia right now and she'll probably be home quite late tonight. I told my father to call me before they leave so that I can be awake to meet them.

I spent today watching Kimi wa Petto until Mysoju went down. Now I'm catching up on Kiva. I'M SO CONFUSED. [ profile] niav, ARE YOU ON? COULD YOU EXPLAIN IT TO ME?

Ah, but I've missed toku. &hearts If my parents return late enough, I might have time to watch Shinkenger too.

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