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I'm back on twitter.

Also, fuck you all for making me play Echo Bazaar. NOW COME JOIN ME US IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. >:|

Y'all should also download Westfront PC, too. (Just ctrl+f to find the download link, it'll be the first instance it appears.) BEST TEXT ADVENTURE EVER why will no one give it a try for me >:(!!

FML :|

Mar. 8th, 2010 09:27 pm
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[ profile] nakchi: guess what happened with my essay :|
[ profile] ksilver: what?
[ profile] ksilver: D:
[ profile] ksilver: u didnt do it?
[ profile] nakchi: IT WASN'T DUE TODAY
[ profile] nakchi: WHAT THE FUCK
[ profile] ksilver: HAHAAHHAAHAHa
[ profile] ksilver: LOL
[ profile] ksilver: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[ profile] nakchi: XD
[ profile] ksilver: rofl
[ profile] ksilver: i KNEW IT
[ profile] ksilver: i KNEW IT
[ profile] nakchi: fuck you!
[ profile] nakchi: &hearts
[ profile] ksilver: TWT
[ profile] ksilver: &hearts
[ profile] nakchi: ugh my life
[ profile] ksilver: &hearts

Why do I fail so hard? D:
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Watching the Orthros finale. The thing that cracks me up the most about this drama has got to be its continuous use of reverse colour symbolism. I'm not even sure they're doing it on purpose, but the good person is always wearing black and looking evil, and the bad person is always wearing white and ... looking evil. Scratch the evil part for both of those. THE COLOUR THING IS STILL TRUE. (Maybe not always. Most of the time?)

I have a feeling I'm not going to like the ending. :/ And it was such a fun drama, too! Oh well, one can't have everything.

So I decided I wanted to translate Kyoka Suigetsu and went and typed the title into my favourite dictionary, and this is what I got:
1 - flowers reflected on a mirror and the moon reflected on the water's surface
2 - something that is visible but having no substance
3 - the subtle and profound beauty of poems that cannot be described in words

I promptly decided it wasn't worth translating, because I can't fit any of the those definitions into an elegant, grammatically correct four-word phrase. So I did Closet instead, because I wanted to test my theory that it's really about Takami Hiroyuki leaving Asakura Daisuke at home and going to a party (with lots of girls) and getting horribly drunk and then going home with some nameless guy and having lots and lots of sex (instead of going home with some nameless girl like he would if he were really as straight as he claims to be). It isn't as clearly gay as I was hoping, but it is about drunken sex! Very shameful drunken sex. I feel as though my interpretation has been thoroughly vindicated.

WHILE I AM ON THE SUBJECT OF JAPANESE (which I wasn't, really, so that transistion was an utter failure), I learned a ridiculous word yesterday! It is 齷齪 and it means "fussily" or "worrying about small things" and I find it rather appropriate. But my favourite kanji are so much better )

Man, that was a long-winded and boring entry. I'll try to come up with something more interesting to talk about next time.
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Smalltext is small because I am a stoopid, homg. D: But I'm keeping it and the tag here because I need public reminders of my idiocy.

Oh, look, I even hid it behind a cut )

Going to a (really late) shinnenkai tonight! With Japanese karaoke. I doubt I'll have the guts to sing anything, especially since all I know are Johnny's songs. XD;; Plus I'm going with my mother. And she doesn't like Johnny's. >_> Still. Should be fun~

Someone, give me a reason for Chinen to visit Hyogo. Never mind that, I'm just an idiot. XD;;


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