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This is a tpop post!


G-TWENTY'S AMAZING NEW SINGLE. (Youtube link.) I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH IT'S RIDICULOUS. It's not even as good as Blink Blink, but I don't care. I have been waiting for them to do something new for ages and I never even got a MV for their last single and I am just so so so very happy right now. :'))


I didn't realise SWEE:D had another single out! (I already found it for anyone who wants the mp3. :'D) The MV teaser looks promising.


Finally, the real point of this post :

The Halloween theme is kind of weird, considering that it's now Thanksgiving, but ;askdf;asdkfsa they all look so good and I love the dance and Milk and Nune just got about 10293827192 times hotter. WATCH IT. THEY ARE PERFECT AND ADORABLE AND A;KSLD;JFASKD;FLASD ;_______________;

okay so it's not as good as Alzheimer BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE IT'S NEW CANDY MAFIA and they're back to being fierce ;_______;
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As I think I said in my last RL-related post, up until now I've tried to keep most of the shit that goes down re: transition to a minimum, but I'm changing that. This is my LJ, and this is my space to vent or attempt to educate as I see fit. I now commence ranting at you.

Humans suck. )

I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THIS MEME. Oh god, it's been ... I have no idea how long since I lasted posted a response to it. XD (Goal: finish this meme within a year of its start! LET'S SEE IF I CAN DO IT OR NOT.)

Day 5: Your favourite song from your favourite guy group )
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Kamen Rider W 29&30 )

This needs to be embedded outside a cut, okay.

I LOVE THAILAND. I love that they made an MV about a lesbian relationship where they were already in love, where they were past the "omg lezbeeanzz ohnoez" drama of Zee's first MV. (Which was also amazing and kind of groundbreaking considering how RS artists immediately become part of mainstream Thai culture -- toms were already pretty visible, but like any part of the LGBT community, they were largely ignored in pop culture. Now they're not. And Zee is being portrayed as someone it's okay for any girl to date, straight or gay, which makes me even happier; she's not being marketed as just a gay icon. I love it.) At first I thought it was going the same route as her first MV -- guy/girl vs girl/girl -- but that's not it at all. This MV doesn't give a damn about the gender of the people involved. It's a story of loss, pure and simple. ALSO CAN I SAY THAT MAINSTREAM OR NOT, ZEE ACTUALLY KISSED THE GIRL AND AHHHHHHHH I WAS SO SHOCKED AND HAPPY. SO. SO. HAPPY.

Everyone watch this ;_________________;

Tpop )

Annnnd lastly, I decided to do that 30 days meme. For tpop. Of course. What else would I choose? :|

Day 1: your favourite guy group )
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This had to happen eventually.

Most of you probably know how much I love obscure fandoms and pairings. Let me show you my current favourite:

The one in the front is Dok2 (aka Gonzo Tha Notorious Kid ... yessss wtf I don't know either), the one in the back is The Quiett. THEY ARE INSEPARABLE BFFS. Dok2 is tiny and pretty much everyone's heard or seen his name somewhere before; he's part of Tablo's Map the Soul crew and he's produced stuff for pretty much everyone in the underground scene at some point. The Quiett is somewhat more obscure; he's with Soul Company (the same label that houses Paloalto, i.e. the original Mrs. The Quiett and Dok2's not-so-stiff-anymore competition -- okay, I'll stop talking like this a;slkfd;as sorry! lalalala never mind all this idk why I thought Palo was with Soul Company) and he produces a lot, too, but he's not nearly as ubiquitous as Dok2. They've both been around about the same amount of time, but Q's released a lot more solo material. Anyway, they're inseparable and they're either always tweeting each other or they're in the same room together, and they even vacationed in Hawaii together!

TL;DR I ship them really, really hard. You should too.

spazzing about the video )
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I-it didn't even occur to me that it was April Fool's Day in Thailand right now. D: I'm pretty sure that's all it is, but ;alkfads;klj I completely fell for it I got trolled by my own idol. ;_______:

My binder came today! It's a size smaller than my old one, which means it's a bitch to put on, but it does such a good job and it's no less comfortable. I tried wearing it for a few hours around the house and if anything, I'd say it's more comfortable. Wearing it to work tomorrow and seeing how that feels. :D~

I have this really pretentious JongTae fic half plotted out in my head and I really want to write it. But it's so pretentious and ugh, dnw. DD: Then again, it can't be much worse than my attempts at crack. Remember my Yaramoto fics? D: But, um. It's basically Jonghyun during Replay being all young and naive about relationships and dreaming up his perfect dream girlfriend (he's too naive to have a dream wife, see), and of course this girlfriend is exactly like Jessica, and he makes a fool of himself over her for months and months. And then he grows up a little more and realises it's not girls at all, and he's a little more than in love with Taemin, and Taemin is straight. And ... idk. Pretentious. I.e. shit. :/

Fic recs because I'm bored and hey, these fics are good!

SHINee, jrock, F.Cuz, Arashi )

Okay, I promise not to post for another couple of days. :| Really. :|
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I just downloaded their new album (DL it!) and. a;lskf;jasdkaf I seriously miss them. ;______;

Tpop )
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Edit : finished the kpop meme! I can't believe I forgot to answer two of hte questions altogether, fail.

Oh god I seriously can't wait for this album to come out

Kay, so I'd known for a a little while that Koen was going to Korea. And since Tomo went over Christmas and Kenta/Poppy/Tomo were talking about studying for midterms (and Jongbae had mentioned taking his midterms and going to RS for dance practice), I assumed this was just another private vacation.

Wrong! k;lasdjfk;la Jongbae went to Korea with him! Everyone else stayed home, but Koen and Jongbae went together a;kdfa;ds that's so adorable. (So was this. And this.) They're my K-otic OTP. &hearts

More tpop )

Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions:

1. The character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
11. Favorite character
12. My five favorite characters
13. My five least favorite characters
14. Which character I am most like
15. My deep, dark fandom secret

Kabuto, Kiva, Kpop )

Kisumai meme )

RL )
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I was trying to decide whether I should embed the new K-otic MV (as;ldfkdsj; their dancing it is in sync Poppy grew about five feet Tomo's hair JONGBAE'S GLASSES OMG) or F.Cuz's Jiggy (I am developing an unhealthy obsession with that song), but then [ profile] koshifuri told me about Countdown and I had to go watch it and this is ten times better than either of those other videos.

CAMWHORING TO THE MAX, I LOVE IT. XDDDDD Oh oh oh and the whole of JE backdancing at Countdown was just too great to pass up. Ohhhhh Matchy.

The thing about Matchy is that, camwhoring and grossness aside, Matchy is an amazing performer. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does. He sounds really, really good and his stage presence is overpowering. I'm mortified to be saying this, but I honestly think the man is better live than Go Hiromi.
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Guys, my sister leaves for Seattle tomorrow for good and my family is all going out to eat tonight as a farewell thing, but I can't go because I have class. DDDDD: FUCK YOU, CALCULUS. Why couldn't you start half an hour later?

JE babble! )
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I bound my chest today because I've been feeling pretty masculine lately (it goes in cycles) and wore a really baggy shirt and passed well enough that it was pretty awkward in the women's restrooms. I wish there were more than two unisex restrooms on campus. :/

I haven't had enough internet time recently to catch up with JE, so I have nothing to say about that fandom. And I'm totally in the dark about what's happened recently. Did I miss anything exciting?

Shinkenger 12 )

Marimite season 4 )
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I found this fun little blog today that's made bentos of all five Shinkengers. They're adorable! (Whoever did this did Go-on Black as well -- probably all the Go-ongers, maybe some earlier series too?) I'm trying to resist tinhatting about the fact that there's green wrapped all the way around Red's bento, but IT'S REALLY HARD. This is all [ profile] niav's fault for talking about Takeru/Chiaki so much. >:[[

I watched the Star Trek movie today! Spoilers. )

I keep meaning to talk about the April JE releases, but I suppose that will have to wait a little longer. Or not happen at all.


I like the girl in the hat *______*
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Edit : Lolwhut. Gmail says [ profile] spheksophobia's reply exists only in the future! XD

My mother's surgery went well! :D~ She's recovering from the anesthesia right now and she'll probably be home quite late tonight. I told my father to call me before they leave so that I can be awake to meet them.

I spent today watching Kimi wa Petto until Mysoju went down. Now I'm catching up on Kiva. I'M SO CONFUSED. [ profile] niav, ARE YOU ON? COULD YOU EXPLAIN IT TO ME?

Ah, but I've missed toku. &hearts If my parents return late enough, I might have time to watch Shinkenger too.

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