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DO WANT, FUCK YES. Praying for a DVD release, because a;sldkfj;aslkd yesssssss. This is awesome too! I didn't think we'd get a Minzy single, and I was right, but at least we got half a Minzy single -- I figured they'd stop after CL and Minzy wouldn't get anything.

The more hate I see for Rainbow, the more I'm determined to like them. Their music is crap! Their choreography is crap, too! I WILL LIKE THEM ANYWAY. I WILL LIKE THEM AND THEN LOVE THEM AND THEN PIMP THEM OUT TO EVERYONE until everyone starts defriending me for being so obnoxious.

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I was planning to talk about Kamen Rider W 7, but SHINee ate my brain.

I don't think they're cool at all (well, maybe a little bit, but only in that "...... I can't believe I like this" way), but TAEMIN. WHAT THE FUCK. TAEMIN?!

I think I may be a bit more pansexual than I've always assumed, because. Um. I did find this pretty damn hot. :/ I think this is the part where I crawl under a rock (or into NaNo?) and never come out again.

As for f(x): I HATE CHOCOLATE LOVE. I HATE IT WITH A BURNING PASSION GOOD GOD THAT SONG IS SO AWFUL. I like the MV's slashy undertones, though! It really looked like they were all trying to seduce each other and have a massive orgy. But the costumes were blah, and so was the dancing. :/ How is it possible for Chocolate Love to be even worse than their debut single? I don't get it.

I think Luna is my favourite. &hearts

... SNSD's version was a thousand times better. (Song still sucks, though.)
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SNSD dance to I Kissed a Girl, wtf.

This is late, since his birthday was yesterday, but I couldn't find anything to post then. :( But happy birthday to Tachibana Daigoro! He's 22 now. I wanted to post the clip where Saotome said his first impression of Daigoro was that he was a gross old man (Daigoro was only fifteen XD), but my DVD wouldn't rip. Have a clip of him dancing instead.


Why yes, they're dancing to a Hirai Ken song. XD Not so very traditional after all. Just so you know, Daigoro is the woman. :DD

This list is for my reference more than anything.

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I'll go back to making entries with content sometime ... not-so-soon. Physics is eating my brain and my professor is a jackass. D: But oh! I got to school today fifteen minutes late and my math class was miraculously cancelled, eeee~ It's my favourite subject, so I was a little sad, but at least this means I wasn't late.
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Still no sign of the PV for Kyoka Suigetsu. I would be gnawing at my lips in agony waiting for it to come out, but the longer until I see, the longer until I have my hopes dashed. I really want period costumes, but I doubt it will happen. Johnny's stupid like that.

And this is suuuuuper late, but

I LOVE THIS PV. I still can't tell who anyone is (not even Hyoyeon! D:) except the clones and Tiffany, but that doesn't matter. Tiffany is surprisingly cute in this. I don't hate her for once. :D And Yoona and Yuri are clones. I CAN'T TELL THEM APART AT ALL. HOW DOES ANYONE EVER TELL THEM APART? CLONES, I TELL YOU.


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