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Edit : Lolwhut. Gmail says [ profile] spheksophobia's reply exists only in the future! XD

My mother's surgery went well! :D~ She's recovering from the anesthesia right now and she'll probably be home quite late tonight. I told my father to call me before they leave so that I can be awake to meet them.

I spent today watching Kimi wa Petto until Mysoju went down. Now I'm catching up on Kiva. I'M SO CONFUSED. [ profile] niav, ARE YOU ON? COULD YOU EXPLAIN IT TO ME?

Ah, but I've missed toku. &hearts If my parents return late enough, I might have time to watch Shinkenger too.

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The new scandal PV is out!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The song is so catchy it's ridiculous and the girls are as cute as always (although I wish Haruna would wear her glasses more often -- the geeky look really suits her) and I find this PV more visually appealing than I did their previous ones. I think it's the colour scheme; I'm not a big fan of lots of white, and I love PVs with sakura petals to bits. Anyone want mp3 rip?

I'm working on a fic for Kame's birthday today, but all I have is a vague (i.e. crappy) idea. Would someone be willing to get online and help me work it through? I'll be on AIM/MSN around 11:30, and again after dinner sometime -- say, seven or eight.

Has anyone been watching Rescue? I've been thinking about watching it, but if it's a repeat of Code Blue (i.e. a soap opera with no overarching plot) I'm definitely not interested.
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I almost wish I lived in LA. It would be so much fun to write the crap I put into my ears.

And aha, Maya (from midnightPumpkin) blogged about Obama's inaguration.

Askldl;fsad scandal are so adorable. They're like H!P (who am I to talk, I know next to nothing about H!P) except that they play instruments! Like this. And this. Haruna's the main vocal and guitar, Mami's the other guitar, Tomomi is the bass, and Rina's the drums. RINA IS THE CUTEST THING EVER OH MY GOD. She reminds me of Massu. I want to squish her so much, seriously.

Obligatory link : Buuuuuuuuun~! &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts And Maashii, too although that's a given since he and Bun are practically clones anyway. God, how are these boys so adorable. ;__; ALSO, MAASHII. KEEP UP THE SPACE TALK, KAY? I LIKE IT WHEN YOU RAMBLE ABOUT NASA. Is it just me, or is Maashii ridiculously pretty lately?

This song is wonderful &hearts *____* Kozue and Yuri are so pretty~ Why did they have to disband? ;__;


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