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lololol I got trollllllllled. XD

RL )

My mother linked me to this, and I felt I had to link it here. Mostly because of this part :

Speaking on Oahu a few years ago as first lady, Laura Bush praised Laysan albatross couples for making lifelong commitments to one another. Lindsay C. Young, a biologist who studies the Kaena Point colony, told me: "They were supposed to be icons of monogamy: one male and one female. But I wouldn’t assume that what you’re looking at is a male and a female."


I was watching Siska's MVs (including the all-Kamikaze ones) and I swear, it doesn't matter how straight the MV was otherwise; any time Meen was in the same room as another female, the gay factor shot up ten points. Take this MV, for example. Meen's parts are in no way the gayest part of this video, yet every time I see her on screen I can't help but think "Omg gay :D". Ilu Meen &hearts

I know I promised to stop spamming. :( I will, really! I won't update for another two days at least! Probably. :( I want to write a depressing 2High deliquent!HS AU where Tomo transfers from America and ends up fucking up Poppy's life completely, so I'll be busy with that if I can force myself to stay on task. :D:
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I-it didn't even occur to me that it was April Fool's Day in Thailand right now. D: I'm pretty sure that's all it is, but ;alkfads;klj I completely fell for it I got trolled by my own idol. ;_______:

My binder came today! It's a size smaller than my old one, which means it's a bitch to put on, but it does such a good job and it's no less comfortable. I tried wearing it for a few hours around the house and if anything, I'd say it's more comfortable. Wearing it to work tomorrow and seeing how that feels. :D~

I have this really pretentious JongTae fic half plotted out in my head and I really want to write it. But it's so pretentious and ugh, dnw. DD: Then again, it can't be much worse than my attempts at crack. Remember my Yaramoto fics? D: But, um. It's basically Jonghyun during Replay being all young and naive about relationships and dreaming up his perfect dream girlfriend (he's too naive to have a dream wife, see), and of course this girlfriend is exactly like Jessica, and he makes a fool of himself over her for months and months. And then he grows up a little more and realises it's not girls at all, and he's a little more than in love with Taemin, and Taemin is straight. And ... idk. Pretentious. I.e. shit. :/

Fic recs because I'm bored and hey, these fics are good!

SHINee, jrock, F.Cuz, Arashi )

Okay, I promise not to post for another couple of days. :| Really. :|
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[ profile] nakchi: okay so
[ profile] nakchi: maaaaaaaybe not writing about japan and gender
[ profile] rashes: hehe
[ profile] nakchi: my book's examples of "concept essays" are : "cannibalism - it still exists" and "love - the right chemistry"
[ profile] nakchi: so I could write "rape - korea doesn't believe in it" or "sex ed - korea doesn't like it" or "homoseuxals - they don't exist in korea"
[ profile] rashes: how about
[ profile] rashes: Korea- Sexually Retarded
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I'm online because I'm skipping class today (I have a good excuse! I'm sick and my head hurts and my professor is a dick who reeks of stale cigarettes and I forgot my ibuprofen today, so ow), and I've been catching up on dramas and the like. Right now I'm on episode seven of Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and I keep having all these creepy, awful spoilers )

Has anyone been having problems with LJ? Like after a page finishes loading, you're directed to some spam site as though you'd clicked a link? (Yesterday I got something different, today I'm getting this.) I thought maybe my home computer had a virus, but it's happening at school, too, and only on LJ. I hope my account didn't get hacked or something ... (Is that even possible?)

Surgery is tomorrow unless my mother gets sick today. :|

[Edit: Funny story time! I decided to go to my last class after all, and the guy who sits next to me always has his laptop with him and surfs the internet while the professor lectures us. Today he was on FFN the whole hour, engrossed in some epic fic and completely oblivious to the world around him. Fandom, it is everywhere. XD]


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