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Happy late birthday to my favourite Kanju! I may try to write Bun/Maashii celebratory fic by Maashii's birthday. Or not. I still have that Chinen/Yuuma crap to finish first.

So it turns out I might have TMI? )

Kamen Rider Kiva finale

Otoya's spirit is so strong that he impregnates two women in a matter of minutes just by standing next to them! Ahahaha what. (Unless he and Maya were ... ew, no.)

Ninkyo Helper finale )

Orthros no Inu finale )

Kamen Rider W 5 )

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 16 )
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Koishite Akuma 10: Ruka shows up on film as well as in mirrors! But still not in photos lolol.

Ninkyo Helper 8 )

I leave you with this:

Oh. Fuck me.
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Would any of you who have Gimp be willing to zip the folder it's in and upload it to Megaupload? I can't install it on this computer and the gif I made using Zamzar ended up over 100 MB. :/ Or if one of you would be willing to resize and trim this and make a gif for me ... It's a really small video, so there's no reason for the gif to be so big.

Ninkyo Helper 6


This? Is what I mean by adorable. ;___; And I may be wrong, but I think Akira told Hikoichi she was in love with him? Like "this is a _______ love" or something (insert adjective of your choice since I couldn't hear the line very well). MY OTP &hearts

Koishite Akuma 7 )
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Does anyone know where I can download the Ikemen Bank movie? It's directed by Terauchi Kotaro (director of the original Boys Love and its remake, lolol) and it stars Haru, Konii, Yanagi, and Takki. (Yanagi is a homeless guy or something? XD) I MUST SEE THIS. Supposedly it's been out on DVD for the better part of a month, but I haven't been able to find it. D:

Ninkyo Helper )

What should I watch next : Futatsu no Spica or Orthros no Inu? Orthros has Haru and Hikaru (:D!), but Spica is about astronauts and is therefore probably the better of the two.


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