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lololol I got trollllllllled. XD

RL )

My mother linked me to this, and I felt I had to link it here. Mostly because of this part :

Speaking on Oahu a few years ago as first lady, Laura Bush praised Laysan albatross couples for making lifelong commitments to one another. Lindsay C. Young, a biologist who studies the Kaena Point colony, told me: "They were supposed to be icons of monogamy: one male and one female. But I wouldn’t assume that what you’re looking at is a male and a female."


I was watching Siska's MVs (including the all-Kamikaze ones) and I swear, it doesn't matter how straight the MV was otherwise; any time Meen was in the same room as another female, the gay factor shot up ten points. Take this MV, for example. Meen's parts are in no way the gayest part of this video, yet every time I see her on screen I can't help but think "Omg gay :D". Ilu Meen &hearts

I know I promised to stop spamming. :( I will, really! I won't update for another two days at least! Probably. :( I want to write a depressing 2High deliquent!HS AU where Tomo transfers from America and ends up fucking up Poppy's life completely, so I'll be busy with that if I can force myself to stay on task. :D:
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[ profile] koshifuri is totally amazing, guys. Why? Because of this. :D!

I HATE WRITING ESSAYS. I also hate how I always choose some totally obscure topic and then have to explain the whole thing to everybody I pester for help.

[ profile] ksilver : why the hell did you pick such a random sport that no one knows about and you have to experience it to believe it
[ profile] ksilver : u always do this
[ profile] ksilver : ALWAYS

DDDDD: (I'm writing about parkour, by the way.)

I have now commiserated the existence of Matchy's stache with two people, and both times this has led to a discussion of JE and facial hair in general. So now I'm opening it up to my whole flist! Johnny's and facial hair : good or bad? RANT. DISCUSS.

You can throw SHINee in there, too, if you like, and any kpop individuals of your choice. Girlgroups are allowed, too. Imagine Miryo with a pimp stache. :D :D

I have the worst friends in the world :| )

oh god you're all going to defriend me now, aren't you D:
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Edit : Apparently! Happy Hangul Day, all.

Ooh ooh Samurai High School looks interesting. Shirota and Yanagishita Tomo! AND MUROI SHIGERU. I LOVE THAT WOMAN SOMETHING HARD. That doesn't sound dirty at all what are you talking about. Shirota's the lead supporting actor ... does this mean it's another chance for him to act gay with the main character? Because I thoroughly approve if that's the case.

I missed ordering the LE of Winter Diamond Party. Killstab. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, WHY DID I NOT CHECK MY EMAIL IN THE PAST ELEVEN DAYS. DDDD:

Are Ohno, Shige, Maru, Koyama, Yasu, Hina, and Leader really all in a drama together? (Leaderrrr! &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts) Are they all playing important roles? ... This is probably like that HS7W drama, isn't it. Not a full ten episodes. D:

Question for you all : if you were to create your own toku show, from scratch (think Garo?), what kind of world would you create? And then if you got to choose between creating a Kamen Rider or sentai show, which would you choose and why?


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