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Important things in my life right now:

1. I started another fic last night. It's already 800 words and I'm not even done with the first scene. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.

2. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW AHHHHHH I AM NOT READY! I'm really excited and I kind of can't wait, but at the same time, it doesn't feel real. School. Tomorrow. ... When does it start again? I feel like I have another three weeks, not a matter of hours. XD

3. So. That Thai ohnotheydidnt-esque comm I've been talking about never getting around to making? I DID IT. (I stole [ profile] jisang's idea for a comm name because I am not witty. .________.) I even have a rules post up! Now I just need to make some basic tags and start collecting things to post. .______. Y'all should join and, uh, absorb my knowledge. :3 So that you can take over posting in a few weeks and I can sit back and let the information just come to me. :3

Day 3 & 4: Your ultimate guy and girl biases )
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This had to happen eventually.

Most of you probably know how much I love obscure fandoms and pairings. Let me show you my current favourite:

The one in the front is Dok2 (aka Gonzo Tha Notorious Kid ... yessss wtf I don't know either), the one in the back is The Quiett. THEY ARE INSEPARABLE BFFS. Dok2 is tiny and pretty much everyone's heard or seen his name somewhere before; he's part of Tablo's Map the Soul crew and he's produced stuff for pretty much everyone in the underground scene at some point. The Quiett is somewhat more obscure; he's with Soul Company (the same label that houses Paloalto, i.e. the original Mrs. The Quiett and Dok2's not-so-stiff-anymore competition -- okay, I'll stop talking like this a;slkfd;as sorry! lalalala never mind all this idk why I thought Palo was with Soul Company) and he produces a lot, too, but he's not nearly as ubiquitous as Dok2. They've both been around about the same amount of time, but Q's released a lot more solo material. Anyway, they're inseparable and they're either always tweeting each other or they're in the same room together, and they even vacationed in Hawaii together!

TL;DR I ship them really, really hard. You should too.

spazzing about the video )
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lololol I got trollllllllled. XD

RL )

My mother linked me to this, and I felt I had to link it here. Mostly because of this part :

Speaking on Oahu a few years ago as first lady, Laura Bush praised Laysan albatross couples for making lifelong commitments to one another. Lindsay C. Young, a biologist who studies the Kaena Point colony, told me: "They were supposed to be icons of monogamy: one male and one female. But I wouldn’t assume that what you’re looking at is a male and a female."


I was watching Siska's MVs (including the all-Kamikaze ones) and I swear, it doesn't matter how straight the MV was otherwise; any time Meen was in the same room as another female, the gay factor shot up ten points. Take this MV, for example. Meen's parts are in no way the gayest part of this video, yet every time I see her on screen I can't help but think "Omg gay :D". Ilu Meen &hearts

I know I promised to stop spamming. :( I will, really! I won't update for another two days at least! Probably. :( I want to write a depressing 2High deliquent!HS AU where Tomo transfers from America and ends up fucking up Poppy's life completely, so I'll be busy with that if I can force myself to stay on task. :D:
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I-it didn't even occur to me that it was April Fool's Day in Thailand right now. D: I'm pretty sure that's all it is, but ;alkfads;klj I completely fell for it I got trolled by my own idol. ;_______:

My binder came today! It's a size smaller than my old one, which means it's a bitch to put on, but it does such a good job and it's no less comfortable. I tried wearing it for a few hours around the house and if anything, I'd say it's more comfortable. Wearing it to work tomorrow and seeing how that feels. :D~

I have this really pretentious JongTae fic half plotted out in my head and I really want to write it. But it's so pretentious and ugh, dnw. DD: Then again, it can't be much worse than my attempts at crack. Remember my Yaramoto fics? D: But, um. It's basically Jonghyun during Replay being all young and naive about relationships and dreaming up his perfect dream girlfriend (he's too naive to have a dream wife, see), and of course this girlfriend is exactly like Jessica, and he makes a fool of himself over her for months and months. And then he grows up a little more and realises it's not girls at all, and he's a little more than in love with Taemin, and Taemin is straight. And ... idk. Pretentious. I.e. shit. :/

Fic recs because I'm bored and hey, these fics are good!

SHINee, jrock, F.Cuz, Arashi )

Okay, I promise not to post for another couple of days. :| Really. :|
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[ profile] nakchi: okay so
[ profile] nakchi: maaaaaaaybe not writing about japan and gender
[ profile] rashes: hehe
[ profile] nakchi: my book's examples of "concept essays" are : "cannibalism - it still exists" and "love - the right chemistry"
[ profile] nakchi: so I could write "rape - korea doesn't believe in it" or "sex ed - korea doesn't like it" or "homoseuxals - they don't exist in korea"
[ profile] rashes: how about
[ profile] rashes: Korea- Sexually Retarded

FML :|

Mar. 8th, 2010 09:27 pm
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[ profile] nakchi: guess what happened with my essay :|
[ profile] ksilver: what?
[ profile] ksilver: D:
[ profile] ksilver: u didnt do it?
[ profile] nakchi: IT WASN'T DUE TODAY
[ profile] nakchi: WHAT THE FUCK
[ profile] ksilver: HAHAAHHAAHAHa
[ profile] ksilver: LOL
[ profile] ksilver: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[ profile] nakchi: XD
[ profile] ksilver: rofl
[ profile] ksilver: i KNEW IT
[ profile] ksilver: i KNEW IT
[ profile] nakchi: fuck you!
[ profile] nakchi: &hearts
[ profile] ksilver: TWT
[ profile] ksilver: &hearts
[ profile] nakchi: ugh my life
[ profile] ksilver: &hearts

Why do I fail so hard? D:
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[ profile] koshifuri is totally amazing, guys. Why? Because of this. :D!

I HATE WRITING ESSAYS. I also hate how I always choose some totally obscure topic and then have to explain the whole thing to everybody I pester for help.

[ profile] ksilver : why the hell did you pick such a random sport that no one knows about and you have to experience it to believe it
[ profile] ksilver : u always do this
[ profile] ksilver : ALWAYS

DDDDD: (I'm writing about parkour, by the way.)

I have now commiserated the existence of Matchy's stache with two people, and both times this has led to a discussion of JE and facial hair in general. So now I'm opening it up to my whole flist! Johnny's and facial hair : good or bad? RANT. DISCUSS.

You can throw SHINee in there, too, if you like, and any kpop individuals of your choice. Girlgroups are allowed, too. Imagine Miryo with a pimp stache. :D :D

I have the worst friends in the world :| )

oh god you're all going to defriend me now, aren't you D:
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I need links to transphobic blogs / blog posts / whatever you can get your hands on as long as it sounds remotely intelligent (i.e. well-written). Links to comments made by well-respected authorities in psychology would be especially helpful (okay, so cross out the "well-respected" bit -- I'm pretty sure there aren't many people who regard Kenneth Zucker as an upright, level-headed authority on anything, or at least I sincerely hope not). Help? This essay is due tomorrow. :/

Alternately, if you'd just like to get online and argue with me about why transgenderism is wrong/unnatural/whatever, that would also be amazingly useful. (Contact info is on my profile.)
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So today I learned how to ask about buying a prostitute in Chinese. XD Um ... it's probably wrong, actually. I just removed "map" from the online travel phrases and replaced it with one of the words for "prostitute", but still. I feel ridiculously proud of myself. XD;;

Two quick things before I start rambling about pop music --

1 - Would those of you who are toku fans give me a quick run-down of Taiga's personality quirks? His motivations, how he relates to other people/Fangire in general. I'm having trouble pinning him down and I have to finish this fic soon.

2 - Ninja fic. AGH I WROTE IT. Why did I write fic when I'm one of the only English-speaking fans who can tell them all apart? There are probably only about ten people who even know all their names. :/

Kpop )

Jrock )

I did not know GallowS had a PV! Not exactly my favourite music, but they're cute. Even if Kaede needs to stop wearing pink.
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Watching the Orthros finale. The thing that cracks me up the most about this drama has got to be its continuous use of reverse colour symbolism. I'm not even sure they're doing it on purpose, but the good person is always wearing black and looking evil, and the bad person is always wearing white and ... looking evil. Scratch the evil part for both of those. THE COLOUR THING IS STILL TRUE. (Maybe not always. Most of the time?)

I have a feeling I'm not going to like the ending. :/ And it was such a fun drama, too! Oh well, one can't have everything.

So I decided I wanted to translate Kyoka Suigetsu and went and typed the title into my favourite dictionary, and this is what I got:
1 - flowers reflected on a mirror and the moon reflected on the water's surface
2 - something that is visible but having no substance
3 - the subtle and profound beauty of poems that cannot be described in words

I promptly decided it wasn't worth translating, because I can't fit any of the those definitions into an elegant, grammatically correct four-word phrase. So I did Closet instead, because I wanted to test my theory that it's really about Takami Hiroyuki leaving Asakura Daisuke at home and going to a party (with lots of girls) and getting horribly drunk and then going home with some nameless guy and having lots and lots of sex (instead of going home with some nameless girl like he would if he were really as straight as he claims to be). It isn't as clearly gay as I was hoping, but it is about drunken sex! Very shameful drunken sex. I feel as though my interpretation has been thoroughly vindicated.

WHILE I AM ON THE SUBJECT OF JAPANESE (which I wasn't, really, so that transistion was an utter failure), I learned a ridiculous word yesterday! It is 齷齪 and it means "fussily" or "worrying about small things" and I find it rather appropriate. But my favourite kanji are so much better )

Man, that was a long-winded and boring entry. I'll try to come up with something more interesting to talk about next time.
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Almost done with Kiva! Man, what is up with the Kiva men and taking baths together? I would chalk it up to Nago just being weird, but in the last few episodes everyone's getting in. What the hell. And as much as I hated Otoya through the first half of the series, I love him to pieces now. (Little Fangire ones. Like the chip of Mio that Wataru's been carrying around, lolol.) &hearts

Nothing to say yet for W except that I love the opening theme, and good god that suit is gorgeous. *______*

Nakchi is a stoopid )
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HAS ANYONE ELSE LOOKED AT THE KOISHITE AKUMA HOMEPAGE? BECAUSE DEAR GOD IT IS LIKE A CARICATURE OF ITSELF. Sparkles! Photoshopped fangs! The whole thing (and the whole idea, too, really) looks like some elaborate prank on the rest of fandom. I still can't quite believe it's real.

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A friend of mine linked me to this )

Mr. Brain is fun! Not one of the best dramas I've seen, but detective dramas rarely are. HOWEVER. Normally I'm okay with guys getting in each other's faces, but was it really necessary to get this close? Tanbara, you do realise how suspicious that looks, right?

I started watching Koizora despite the fact that Seto's face gives me indigestion (why is he the most popular D-Boy? I don't get it D:) because OMG, ELENA AND HARU. IN A DRAMA. TOGETHER. The whole thing is super-sappy romantic drivel, but that's okay. ELENA. HARU. DRAMA. TOGETHERRRRR.

Hiro is a total ass. Like. A complete and utter dickwad. He's territorial and possessive and randomly beats the shit out of anyone who looks at his girlfriend unrequited crush the wrong way. SAKI IS AMAZING THOUGH and not just because she's Haru's character. She's evil and conniving and a total bitch and I love her to bits. *_________* Hiro probably learned everything he knows about how to be an asshat from her. (Also, Haru and Elena playing eternal love rivals, lololol.)

I hope this column sticks around forever. I could stare at Haru in fishnets for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

This. ... Haru, that is a rather unfortunate bikini top. Do you really want to walk around in public with your tits so obviously censored? I'M RIGHT OKAY >:[[[ )

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. &hearts My mother did come home, and she did have her last treatment, and we all went up to her mother's memorial service together. Friday was stressful, but the rest of the weekend actually turned out pretty well. I'm sorry if I made any of you worried in any way. &hearts

Omghi :D

Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:02 am
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I don't have time to type up an entry (a;sldkfsdjl;a late for work again fuckfuckfuck), but I stumbled across this wonderful picture this morning and had to share it with you :

Why don't we get these kinds of costumes anymore? )
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I need to solve that (using integration by parts or something simpler, since that's how far I am). My problem is I keep getting e^x*cos(x) + e^x*sin(x) + e^x*cos(x) + e^x*sin(x) + ... you get the idea. My professor told me to do that for a bit and then pick a point to stop and work it out from there, but I don't really know how to do that ...

So! Help? :D? Oh my god the answer is so simple! I'm an idiot. XD;;
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I almost wish I lived in LA. It would be so much fun to write the crap I put into my ears.

And aha, Maya (from midnightPumpkin) blogged about Obama's inaguration.

Askldl;fsad scandal are so adorable. They're like H!P (who am I to talk, I know next to nothing about H!P) except that they play instruments! Like this. And this. Haruna's the main vocal and guitar, Mami's the other guitar, Tomomi is the bass, and Rina's the drums. RINA IS THE CUTEST THING EVER OH MY GOD. She reminds me of Massu. I want to squish her so much, seriously.

Obligatory link : Buuuuuuuuun~! &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts And Maashii, too although that's a given since he and Bun are practically clones anyway. God, how are these boys so adorable. ;__; ALSO, MAASHII. KEEP UP THE SPACE TALK, KAY? I LIKE IT WHEN YOU RAMBLE ABOUT NASA. Is it just me, or is Maashii ridiculously pretty lately?

This song is wonderful &hearts *____* Kozue and Yuri are so pretty~ Why did they have to disband? ;__;
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;ALKXDFJ;ASKDFAS I AM A COMPLETE IDIOT that was a a different Toshi and I didn't even realise ;aslkdf;sadkf;jslak;. This is what I get for not reading past line two of the wiki, omg. All I thought was, "O hai, FuruEiji became a salaryman, why can't Toshi hold public office?" Omg stupid. Dying. This will teach me to be less arrogant about my searching abilities alskf;sdaafsd;. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT. DDD: So embarrasing! I am angsting like my icon right now. >_>
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Smalltext is small because I am a stoopid, homg. D: But I'm keeping it and the tag here because I need public reminders of my idiocy.

Oh, look, I even hid it behind a cut )

Going to a (really late) shinnenkai tonight! With Japanese karaoke. I doubt I'll have the guts to sing anything, especially since all I know are Johnny's songs. XD;; Plus I'm going with my mother. And she doesn't like Johnny's. >_> Still. Should be fun~

Someone, give me a reason for Chinen to visit Hyogo. Never mind that, I'm just an idiot. XD;;


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