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THIS IS THE NEW CANDY MAFIA SINGLE. IT'S NOT OUT YET. EXCUSE ME WHILE I SCREAM IN GLEE. It's got a 4minute vibe! As ... expected of my girls, ahaha. I CAN'T TELL ANYONE APART. Or I think I can, but the lighting is bad and their hair is all the same and I'm mostly going off of how they move. :(


This kid is sleeping in the chair fifteen feet away and I CAN HEAR HIM SNORING. Go to a study room, man, you're distracting me from my perfect baby girls. :(
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[music | the new C-Quint single 8DDD]

Important things in my life right now:

1. I started another fic last night. It's already 800 words and I'm not even done with the first scene. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.

2. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW AHHHHHH I AM NOT READY! I'm really excited and I kind of can't wait, but at the same time, it doesn't feel real. School. Tomorrow. ... When does it start again? I feel like I have another three weeks, not a matter of hours. XD

3. So. That Thai ohnotheydidnt-esque comm I've been talking about never getting around to making? I DID IT. (I stole [ profile] jisang's idea for a comm name because I am not witty. .________.) I even have a rules post up! Now I just need to make some basic tags and start collecting things to post. .______. Y'all should join and, uh, absorb my knowledge. :3 So that you can take over posting in a few weeks and I can sit back and let the information just come to me. :3

Day 3 & 4: Your ultimate guy and girl biases )
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I have a new releases post up over at [ profile] naarak! It has, um, a bunch of new debuts (Matoom, Cherry Black, Rookie BB, Sugar Eyes, Chain ... I think that's it?), the Jack album (which is amazing and you should all download it) and the new Swee:D and Zee singles.

MY BABIES ;_______; Everything about this MV is perfect, okay -- the dance, the colours, the song, the Nett/Bambam moments (shhhh I'm not shipping babies don't look at my icon what are you talking about D:). This is just too precious to be real ;alskfj;dsa Candy Mafia are my girlband bias forever. I really think I might be becoming more of a Mono Music stan than a KZ stan. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

In non-fandom news, I'm thinking about doing a voice post, but I don't know what to talk about. Suggestions?
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[music | โทน -- Bodyslam]

I have a ton of music to share. :'D There's more than this, actually -- a few more singles that I didn't bother with this round, plus albums by Peck, Peck Aof Ice, Artfloor, Sunshine, Jack (hopefully! /crosses fingers), Sweet Mullet, The Star 6, and uh. Probably a lot more I'm not remembering right now. NOT THAT ANY OF YOU GIVE A DAMN because there are like two people on my flist who give a damn about Thai music at all, and only one of them ever pays attention to anything outside Kamikaze. ;_______;

Misc. singles/songs, mostly recent (~128kbps) )Bodyslam - Kraam (192kbps) )Potato - Life & Circle (320kbps) )Waii - k.c.y (320kbps) )
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[music | Love Is the Greatest Thing -- w-inds.]

I just downloaded their new album (DL it!) and. a;lskf;jasdkaf I seriously miss them. ;______;

Tpop )


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