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Kim Hyung Joon continued, “Although negative opinions rose as we joined different agencies, our unity is absolute. Like Shinhwa, we will pursue our personal dreams but always be part of SS501.”

He also described the bond between each members, “When we decided to go our separate ways, we promised to keep our group intact. It was the foremost prerequisite for our new contracts. We only need to decide the release date for the album.”


From this entry. I honestly started crying with happiness when I saw that. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE KPOP GROUP FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER. ;___________; I am still not over this. I will never be over this. SS501 ;___________; Shinhwa! :3

Oh and

OH HEY [ profile] fadingpetal GUESS WHO CALLED IT >:)

Apparently Higashi is married. :O I am in shock! My brain cannot process this information! My whole worldview has shattered. ;________;

Whatever, at least it's not Matchy. If Matchy got married, I would probably die of grief. MY PEDO BOYFRIEND WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CREEP ON LITTLE JRS ANYMORE. Um.


Hi Matchy is my favourite
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[ profile] biases: omg the chorus
[ profile] biases: i need your baby
[ profile] biases: OMG
[ profile] biases: THIS SHOULD BE THE THEME SONG
[ profile] biases: FOR EVERY MPREG
[ profile] biases: EVER
[ profile] biases: wow
[ profile] biases: i'm having nightmares tonight
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[ profile] koshifuri is totally amazing, guys. Why? Because of this. :D!

I HATE WRITING ESSAYS. I also hate how I always choose some totally obscure topic and then have to explain the whole thing to everybody I pester for help.

[ profile] ksilver : why the hell did you pick such a random sport that no one knows about and you have to experience it to believe it
[ profile] ksilver : u always do this
[ profile] ksilver : ALWAYS

DDDDD: (I'm writing about parkour, by the way.)

I have now commiserated the existence of Matchy's stache with two people, and both times this has led to a discussion of JE and facial hair in general. So now I'm opening it up to my whole flist! Johnny's and facial hair : good or bad? RANT. DISCUSS.

You can throw SHINee in there, too, if you like, and any kpop individuals of your choice. Girlgroups are allowed, too. Imagine Miryo with a pimp stache. :D :D

I have the worst friends in the world :| )

oh god you're all going to defriend me now, aren't you D:
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Despite the title, this post contains no Arashi. It has Matchy, though! His performance on Music Station was too lolzy for me not to post it. XD God, his emo is so over the top. I couldn't stop laughing.

Kpop )

Also! If all goes as planned (a;sldkfasd;k nervesnervesnervesnerves), I will be leaving earrrrly Friday morning and returning the first Sunday in March. I don't expect to have internet access during that time, which means I am going to miss you all lots. :(( I hope only good things happen to you all until I get back! &hearts

... Yeah, okay, that was awkward. :|
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I was trying to decide whether I should embed the new K-otic MV (as;ldfkdsj; their dancing it is in sync Poppy grew about five feet Tomo's hair JONGBAE'S GLASSES OMG) or F.Cuz's Jiggy (I am developing an unhealthy obsession with that song), but then [ profile] koshifuri told me about Countdown and I had to go watch it and this is ten times better than either of those other videos.

CAMWHORING TO THE MAX, I LOVE IT. XDDDDD Oh oh oh and the whole of JE backdancing at Countdown was just too great to pass up. Ohhhhh Matchy.

The thing about Matchy is that, camwhoring and grossness aside, Matchy is an amazing performer. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does. He sounds really, really good and his stage presence is overpowering. I'm mortified to be saying this, but I honestly think the man is better live than Go Hiromi.


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