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HAS ANYONE ELSE LOOKED AT THE KOISHITE AKUMA HOMEPAGE? BECAUSE DEAR GOD IT IS LIKE A CARICATURE OF ITSELF. Sparkles! Photoshopped fangs! The whole thing (and the whole idea, too, really) looks like some elaborate prank on the rest of fandom. I still can't quite believe it's real.

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In the last issue of J-Seventeen, several of the models were asked what they'd wanted to be as children, and most of the responses were Sailor Moon characters. But Haru? Haru wanted to be Ultraman.

Mirei continues to act really gay, and Asami is secretly a crazy VK cosplayer at heart. (No, really. Well, not really, but she's a VK fangirl, and I'm easily amused.)

I know I feel like this every month, but I really think this might be my favourite issue of Seventeen yet. Even without Mitsuki. ;___;

I wanted to write about Decade, but I'm in the middle of the Faiz storyline and I'm pretty sure all I'd get out would be keysmash after keysmash about Daiki anyway. And almost no-one on my flist cares about toku anyway, so I'll save that for later (or never).

Oh! But I have to mention : my KS7 novel arrived! It's pre-show, so there's no Keita/Seven, but I like the little bit of Takimoto we get to see in the series. (I really don't understand why this cost $15, though ...) Apparently Seven's first word (thought?) was 'waves'. I was flipping through it and apparently Takimoto doesn't want Seven to address him by his first name, because there's a part later on where Seven starts to call him Sousuke and then backtracks and says 'Takimoto-san' instead.

... I'm not sure why I thought that was worth mentioning, but, uh. I'll think up a reason later. Decade time &hearts
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Quick Japanese question (and you know you want to answer it because if you do I might finally be able to post the Shinkenger interview from the March Newtype):


What the hell does that mean? The second part is something like 'Aibacchi trifles with everyone', but I can't make any sense of the first part.

So on one of the Facebook Keita Sousakan 7 groups there's a thread about what phone is everyone's favourite (lol no-one answered though), and I think mine would have to be Grinder. GRINDER IS SO CUTE GUYS. I thought the same thing about Seeker (and I still coo over it every time I see it jumping around, omg) but Grinder. *____* Grinder is like a little kid, okay. (It's like Seven's baby! :D) It squeaks in delight every time it gets to jump onto Seven's arm and it's just the cutest thing in the world. &hearts And it's adorable the way Seven says 'come on, baby' and a;lsdkfj;askdfj;lasd Grinderrrrrr.

I wanted to say something else about this show, but it's late and every time I start thinking about what to write my brain short-circuits and I get this dreamy, starstruck look on my face. For real. And no-one wants me to start keysmashing all over the place, so I'll keep quiet for now.

(One final thing, though -- does anyone know if there was ever a published interview/crosstalk between Kubota Masataka and Kawamoto Kunihiro? Or an interview with Kawamoto Kunihiro at all? I really want to see the actors talking about Keita and Seven's eternal love. *____* THIS INTERVIEW MUST EXIST. IT MUST.)

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