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As I think I said in my last RL-related post, up until now I've tried to keep most of the shit that goes down re: transition to a minimum, but I'm changing that. This is my LJ, and this is my space to vent or attempt to educate as I see fit. I now commence ranting at you.

Humans suck. )

I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THIS MEME. Oh god, it's been ... I have no idea how long since I lasted posted a response to it. XD (Goal: finish this meme within a year of its start! LET'S SEE IF I CAN DO IT OR NOT.)

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Release post is up!

Let me spazz at you about this MV ... over a month after its release, orz. THAT'S OKAY. IT STILL MAKES ME JUST AS GIDDY AS THE DAY IT CAME OUT.

I remember going ".........wtffffff is that new concept" when the teaser first came out (watch that! it has clips of them recording and Yoshi's hair isn't atrocious for once! and Fluke's glasses are adorable!) and thinking it fit the song, which I loved, but that it was damn ugly. Mostly because, once again, Yoshi's hair sucked. And because after two similar concepts, I was not ready to be impressed with their ~badass~ image.



Hilarious product placement aside, the song is catchy and the dance is perfect and it fits the plot of the MV surprisingly well. By which I mean the numerous body rolls and chest pops are thoroughly appropriate given that they're supposed to be wooing a girl who doesn't give a shit except for the part where they're eye candy. And then, well, there's the fact that they're eye candy. And they're doing body rolls and chest pops. IT IS WELL WORTH YOUR TIME TO WATCH IT.

... That was the shittiest attempt at selling anything ever.

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Kamen Rider W 29&30 )

This needs to be embedded outside a cut, okay.

I LOVE THAILAND. I love that they made an MV about a lesbian relationship where they were already in love, where they were past the "omg lezbeeanzz ohnoez" drama of Zee's first MV. (Which was also amazing and kind of groundbreaking considering how RS artists immediately become part of mainstream Thai culture -- toms were already pretty visible, but like any part of the LGBT community, they were largely ignored in pop culture. Now they're not. And Zee is being portrayed as someone it's okay for any girl to date, straight or gay, which makes me even happier; she's not being marketed as just a gay icon. I love it.) At first I thought it was going the same route as her first MV -- guy/girl vs girl/girl -- but that's not it at all. This MV doesn't give a damn about the gender of the people involved. It's a story of loss, pure and simple. ALSO CAN I SAY THAT MAINSTREAM OR NOT, ZEE ACTUALLY KISSED THE GIRL AND AHHHHHHHH I WAS SO SHOCKED AND HAPPY. SO. SO. HAPPY.

Everyone watch this ;_________________;

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Annnnd lastly, I decided to do that 30 days meme. For tpop. Of course. What else would I choose? :|

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I have a ton of music to share. :'D There's more than this, actually -- a few more singles that I didn't bother with this round, plus albums by Peck, Peck Aof Ice, Artfloor, Sunshine, Jack (hopefully! /crosses fingers), Sweet Mullet, The Star 6, and uh. Probably a lot more I'm not remembering right now. NOT THAT ANY OF YOU GIVE A DAMN because there are like two people on my flist who give a damn about Thai music at all, and only one of them ever pays attention to anything outside Kamikaze. ;_______;

Misc. singles/songs, mostly recent (~128kbps) )Bodyslam - Kraam (192kbps) )Potato - Life & Circle (320kbps) )Waii - k.c.y (320kbps) )
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[ profile] koshifuri! I transcribed most of B-kyuu for you today~ I'll finalize what I think the lyrics are tomorrow and I should be able to get them up by noon on Monday. :D

Ack this is probably what Faye meant by it not being safe today. D:

;alskdf;a OTP &hearts

Oh my god so many levels of WTF. ... I honestly don't know what to think.

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