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I need links to transphobic blogs / blog posts / whatever you can get your hands on as long as it sounds remotely intelligent (i.e. well-written). Links to comments made by well-respected authorities in psychology would be especially helpful (okay, so cross out the "well-respected" bit -- I'm pretty sure there aren't many people who regard Kenneth Zucker as an upright, level-headed authority on anything, or at least I sincerely hope not). Help? This essay is due tomorrow. :/

Alternately, if you'd just like to get online and argue with me about why transgenderism is wrong/unnatural/whatever, that would also be amazingly useful. (Contact info is on my profile.)
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Quick Japanese question (and you know you want to answer it because if you do I might finally be able to post the Shinkenger interview from the March Newtype):


What the hell does that mean? The second part is something like 'Aibacchi trifles with everyone', but I can't make any sense of the first part.

So on one of the Facebook Keita Sousakan 7 groups there's a thread about what phone is everyone's favourite (lol no-one answered though), and I think mine would have to be Grinder. GRINDER IS SO CUTE GUYS. I thought the same thing about Seeker (and I still coo over it every time I see it jumping around, omg) but Grinder. *____* Grinder is like a little kid, okay. (It's like Seven's baby! :D) It squeaks in delight every time it gets to jump onto Seven's arm and it's just the cutest thing in the world. &hearts And it's adorable the way Seven says 'come on, baby' and a;lsdkfj;askdfj;lasd Grinderrrrrr.

I wanted to say something else about this show, but it's late and every time I start thinking about what to write my brain short-circuits and I get this dreamy, starstruck look on my face. For real. And no-one wants me to start keysmashing all over the place, so I'll keep quiet for now.

(One final thing, though -- does anyone know if there was ever a published interview/crosstalk between Kubota Masataka and Kawamoto Kunihiro? Or an interview with Kawamoto Kunihiro at all? I really want to see the actors talking about Keita and Seven's eternal love. *____* THIS INTERVIEW MUST EXIST. IT MUST.)

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I need to solve that (using integration by parts or something simpler, since that's how far I am). My problem is I keep getting e^x*cos(x) + e^x*sin(x) + e^x*cos(x) + e^x*sin(x) + ... you get the idea. My professor told me to do that for a bit and then pick a point to stop and work it out from there, but I don't really know how to do that ...

So! Help? :D? Oh my god the answer is so simple! I'm an idiot. XD;;


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