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[ profile] koshifuri is totally amazing, guys. Why? Because of this. :D!

I HATE WRITING ESSAYS. I also hate how I always choose some totally obscure topic and then have to explain the whole thing to everybody I pester for help.

[ profile] ksilver : why the hell did you pick such a random sport that no one knows about and you have to experience it to believe it
[ profile] ksilver : u always do this
[ profile] ksilver : ALWAYS

DDDDD: (I'm writing about parkour, by the way.)

I have now commiserated the existence of Matchy's stache with two people, and both times this has led to a discussion of JE and facial hair in general. So now I'm opening it up to my whole flist! Johnny's and facial hair : good or bad? RANT. DISCUSS.

You can throw SHINee in there, too, if you like, and any kpop individuals of your choice. Girlgroups are allowed, too. Imagine Miryo with a pimp stache. :D :D

I have the worst friends in the world :| )

oh god you're all going to defriend me now, aren't you D:
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I was planning to talk about Kamen Rider W 7, but SHINee ate my brain.

I don't think they're cool at all (well, maybe a little bit, but only in that "...... I can't believe I like this" way), but TAEMIN. WHAT THE FUCK. TAEMIN?!

I think I may be a bit more pansexual than I've always assumed, because. Um. I did find this pretty damn hot. :/ I think this is the part where I crawl under a rock (or into NaNo?) and never come out again.

As for f(x): I HATE CHOCOLATE LOVE. I HATE IT WITH A BURNING PASSION GOOD GOD THAT SONG IS SO AWFUL. I like the MV's slashy undertones, though! It really looked like they were all trying to seduce each other and have a massive orgy. But the costumes were blah, and so was the dancing. :/ How is it possible for Chocolate Love to be even worse than their debut single? I don't get it.

I think Luna is my favourite. &hearts

... SNSD's version was a thousand times better. (Song still sucks, though.)
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F(x) really isn't doing much for me. :/ I love the name and I'm always glad to have another girl group, but I'm not sure I care for their image much. I'm already half in love with Amber though. *_____*

Six pairings I should not admit to wanting to read, but I will anyway in the hopes that someone can dig up fic for me, somewhere:
1. Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin. I REFUSE TO COMMENT ON THIS.
2. Molly (Sally)/Kumiko (Mona Lisa Overdrive). Kumiko's crush on Molly is seriously adorable (and also almost canon! WHERE IS MY FIC?).
3. Sawatari/Yankumi (Gokusen 3). I am convinced that Sawatari has feelings for Yankumi? Idek.
4. Tsuyoshi/Shingo (SMAP). I have a reason for this, and I'm not telling.
5. Sano Kazuma/Kubota Masataka (Stardust Promotion). YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS IT DOESN'T EXIST >:/
6. CL/Minzy (2NE1). *hides*

Tell me your current guilty OTP(s)?

Oh oh and

stolen from [ profile] pastdazed:

If you could have a fic from me, what fandom would it be from? With what characters? What would you like in it concerning plot . . . or not plot? No promises on pairings or porn (I don't write porn, sorry) most of all. But go ahead.

list of fandoms )

Things I will do this weekend or else I will commit seppuku:
-study for logic (:DDDD)
-write something stupid
-catch up on comments (a;klsdf;jas I think some of them are over a month old? FAIL SELF FAIL)
-figure out a birthday present for [ profile] ksilver
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Would any of you who have Gimp be willing to zip the folder it's in and upload it to Megaupload? I can't install it on this computer and the gif I made using Zamzar ended up over 100 MB. :/ Or if one of you would be willing to resize and trim this and make a gif for me ... It's a really small video, so there's no reason for the gif to be so big.

Ninkyo Helper 6


This? Is what I mean by adorable. ;___; And I may be wrong, but I think Akira told Hikoichi she was in love with him? Like "this is a _______ love" or something (insert adjective of your choice since I couldn't hear the line very well). MY OTP &hearts

Koishite Akuma 7 )
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Does anyone know where I can download the Ikemen Bank movie? It's directed by Terauchi Kotaro (director of the original Boys Love and its remake, lolol) and it stars Haru, Konii, Yanagi, and Takki. (Yanagi is a homeless guy or something? XD) I MUST SEE THIS. Supposedly it's been out on DVD for the better part of a month, but I haven't been able to find it. D:

Ninkyo Helper )

What should I watch next : Futatsu no Spica or Orthros no Inu? Orthros has Haru and Hikaru (:D!), but Spica is about astronauts and is therefore probably the better of the two.
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Konkatsu 10 )

Koishite Akuma 4 )
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I would like to begin by showing you what would happen if Chiaki were to start dealing, and subsequently using, drugs:

(He looks like Chiaki! Right? Right?)


I have a really long JE/jdrama/toku post all written down in my notebook (yes, long, it's five pages so far and it's still growing -- and yes, I write most of my longer posts out on paper before I type them up) that I was planning on posting today, but I have decided to SPAM YOU WITH YOUTUBE VIDEOS INSTEAD because I fear I'm mostly alone in this fandom AND I NEED COMRADES. JOIN ME, COMRADES.

Okay? Good. )

One last thing. Flist, I love you! &hearts&hearts&hearts Thank you for always putting up with my bouts of insanity. I promise I'll catch up on comments before my next post. &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts
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A friend of mine linked me to this )

Mr. Brain is fun! Not one of the best dramas I've seen, but detective dramas rarely are. HOWEVER. Normally I'm okay with guys getting in each other's faces, but was it really necessary to get this close? Tanbara, you do realise how suspicious that looks, right?

I started watching Koizora despite the fact that Seto's face gives me indigestion (why is he the most popular D-Boy? I don't get it D:) because OMG, ELENA AND HARU. IN A DRAMA. TOGETHER. The whole thing is super-sappy romantic drivel, but that's okay. ELENA. HARU. DRAMA. TOGETHERRRRR.

Hiro is a total ass. Like. A complete and utter dickwad. He's territorial and possessive and randomly beats the shit out of anyone who looks at his girlfriend unrequited crush the wrong way. SAKI IS AMAZING THOUGH and not just because she's Haru's character. She's evil and conniving and a total bitch and I love her to bits. *_________* Hiro probably learned everything he knows about how to be an asshat from her. (Also, Haru and Elena playing eternal love rivals, lololol.)

I hope this column sticks around forever. I could stare at Haru in fishnets for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

This. ... Haru, that is a rather unfortunate bikini top. Do you really want to walk around in public with your tits so obviously censored? I'M RIGHT OKAY >:[[[ )

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. &hearts My mother did come home, and she did have her last treatment, and we all went up to her mother's memorial service together. Friday was stressful, but the rest of the weekend actually turned out pretty well. I'm sorry if I made any of you worried in any way. &hearts
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Guys, my sister leaves for Seattle tomorrow for good and my family is all going out to eat tonight as a farewell thing, but I can't go because I have class. DDDDD: FUCK YOU, CALCULUS. Why couldn't you start half an hour later?

JE babble! )
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I bound my chest today because I've been feeling pretty masculine lately (it goes in cycles) and wore a really baggy shirt and passed well enough that it was pretty awkward in the women's restrooms. I wish there were more than two unisex restrooms on campus. :/

I haven't had enough internet time recently to catch up with JE, so I have nothing to say about that fandom. And I'm totally in the dark about what's happened recently. Did I miss anything exciting?

Shinkenger 12 )

Marimite season 4 )
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I decided to watch Mendol yesterday, and I couldn't stop. I've seen through episode seven now, and I only stopped there because my parents came home and I had to get off the computer. Alsd;faskd;jfdas this show is so stupid and epic, I can't believe I didn't like it at first! Um, some general thoughts so far:

spoilerspoilerspoiler )
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I almost wish I lived in LA. It would be so much fun to write the crap I put into my ears.

And aha, Maya (from midnightPumpkin) blogged about Obama's inaguration.

Askldl;fsad scandal are so adorable. They're like H!P (who am I to talk, I know next to nothing about H!P) except that they play instruments! Like this. And this. Haruna's the main vocal and guitar, Mami's the other guitar, Tomomi is the bass, and Rina's the drums. RINA IS THE CUTEST THING EVER OH MY GOD. She reminds me of Massu. I want to squish her so much, seriously.

Obligatory link : Buuuuuuuuun~! &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts And Maashii, too although that's a given since he and Bun are practically clones anyway. God, how are these boys so adorable. ;__; ALSO, MAASHII. KEEP UP THE SPACE TALK, KAY? I LIKE IT WHEN YOU RAMBLE ABOUT NASA. Is it just me, or is Maashii ridiculously pretty lately?

This song is wonderful &hearts *____* Kozue and Yuri are so pretty~ Why did they have to disband? ;__;


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