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This is a tpop post!


G-TWENTY'S AMAZING NEW SINGLE. (Youtube link.) I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH IT'S RIDICULOUS. It's not even as good as Blink Blink, but I don't care. I have been waiting for them to do something new for ages and I never even got a MV for their last single and I am just so so so very happy right now. :'))


I didn't realise SWEE:D had another single out! (I already found it for anyone who wants the mp3. :'D) The MV teaser looks promising.


Finally, the real point of this post :

The Halloween theme is kind of weird, considering that it's now Thanksgiving, but ;askdf;asdkfsa they all look so good and I love the dance and Milk and Nune just got about 10293827192 times hotter. WATCH IT. THEY ARE PERFECT AND ADORABLE AND A;KSLD;JFASKD;FLASD ;_______________;

okay so it's not as good as Alzheimer BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE IT'S NEW CANDY MAFIA and they're back to being fierce ;_______;
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THIS IS THE NEW CANDY MAFIA SINGLE. IT'S NOT OUT YET. EXCUSE ME WHILE I SCREAM IN GLEE. It's got a 4minute vibe! As ... expected of my girls, ahaha. I CAN'T TELL ANYONE APART. Or I think I can, but the lighting is bad and their hair is all the same and I'm mostly going off of how they move. :(


This kid is sleeping in the chair fifteen feet away and I CAN HEAR HIM SNORING. Go to a study room, man, you're distracting me from my perfect baby girls. :(
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Important things in my life right now:

1. I started another fic last night. It's already 800 words and I'm not even done with the first scene. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.

2. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW AHHHHHH I AM NOT READY! I'm really excited and I kind of can't wait, but at the same time, it doesn't feel real. School. Tomorrow. ... When does it start again? I feel like I have another three weeks, not a matter of hours. XD

3. So. That Thai ohnotheydidnt-esque comm I've been talking about never getting around to making? I DID IT. (I stole [ profile] jisang's idea for a comm name because I am not witty. .________.) I even have a rules post up! Now I just need to make some basic tags and start collecting things to post. .______. Y'all should join and, uh, absorb my knowledge. :3 So that you can take over posting in a few weeks and I can sit back and let the information just come to me. :3

Day 3 & 4: Your ultimate guy and girl biases )
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Release post is up!

Let me spazz at you about this MV ... over a month after its release, orz. THAT'S OKAY. IT STILL MAKES ME JUST AS GIDDY AS THE DAY IT CAME OUT.

I remember going ".........wtffffff is that new concept" when the teaser first came out (watch that! it has clips of them recording and Yoshi's hair isn't atrocious for once! and Fluke's glasses are adorable!) and thinking it fit the song, which I loved, but that it was damn ugly. Mostly because, once again, Yoshi's hair sucked. And because after two similar concepts, I was not ready to be impressed with their ~badass~ image.



Hilarious product placement aside, the song is catchy and the dance is perfect and it fits the plot of the MV surprisingly well. By which I mean the numerous body rolls and chest pops are thoroughly appropriate given that they're supposed to be wooing a girl who doesn't give a shit except for the part where they're eye candy. And then, well, there's the fact that they're eye candy. And they're doing body rolls and chest pops. IT IS WELL WORTH YOUR TIME TO WATCH IT.

... That was the shittiest attempt at selling anything ever.

Day 2: Your favourite girl group )


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