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As I think I said in my last RL-related post, up until now I've tried to keep most of the shit that goes down re: transition to a minimum, but I'm changing that. This is my LJ, and this is my space to vent or attempt to educate as I see fit. I now commence ranting at you.

Dear professor mine,

When you refer to me as "she" in front of my classmates and I call you out on it, you don't have the right to try to shift the blame onto me. It is not my fault I was born with this body, and it is not my fault my gender and my legal sex don't match. You do have the right to dismiss my concerns as trivial -- that's your prerogative, and I am fully willing recognise that -- but you don't have the right to expect me to agree with you. I don't how care trivial my transition is to you. It's a serious issue for me. I am fully aware that I don't "pass" very well, and that my voice in particular makes appearing male to others difficult for me, but I'm not so un-masculine that referring to me as "he" is implausible. Most of the time, it's all that's need to cement my male identity in others' minds. Similarly, referring to me as "she" is enough to make me appear female -- a very butch, masculine female, but female nonetheless. Since I'm so androgynous as to go either way, it's especially important that the pronouns you use to refer to me are correct, because "fixing" my classmates' perception of me is nearly impossible.

Perhaps I wasn't explicit enough when I informed you of my name and gender. I assumed you could read between the lines well enough to realise that "I go by Daven and I use male pronouns" means I don't want you calling me "she". I don't care if the marker on my student records is an "F"; if I tell you it should be "M", you are obliged by any standard of decent conduct to act as such. You do have the right to address and refer to me however you choose, of course; your preferred method just makes you an asshole.


Your very disappointed student

I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THIS MEME. Oh god, it's been ... I have no idea how long since I lasted posted a response to it. XD (Goal: finish this meme within a year of its start! LET'S SEE IF I CAN DO IT OR NOT.)

Day 05: You favourite song from your favourite guy group

Since I had two favourite guy groups, this means I get two favourite songs! 8'D And two runner-ups~ :3

K-otic - ร้ายแต่รัก (I'm dangerous, but I love you)
C-Quint - เกมทายใจ (Mindgames)
runner-ups: Deja vu & หายใจออกก็เหงาหายใจเข้าก็คิดถึง (Breathing out, I'm lonely. Breathing in, I miss you.)

I downloaded K-otic's discography because I was curious and then listened to it all the same day. I liked what I heard, but it was this song that made me decide to learn more about them -- and I'm so glad I did. Tpop has been so good to me. :')) Um, I don't have much to say about the song itself except that it has a good intro and a catchy beat and it's one of their best early songs. (By early, I mean everything preceding Free to Play. XD) It's solid from start to finish, which can't really be said of a lot of their other pre-FtP songs, even if I love their whole discography to pieces.

I was already half in love with C-Quint when this song came out, but I hadn't really gotten into them besides knowing all the songs on both their albums and that they'd once been five and now are four. And then ... this. I immediately scrambled to memorise faces and voices and get into them in a big way. XD It's a bit of a different sound from their previous singles/albums, and I think it fits them, plus I love Yoshi's corny English introduction. Maybe because it's Yoshi and I love everything he does. Anyway. This song is catchy as hell and I love the dance (not that you see much of it in this MV compared to their lives) and the lyrics and the whole mindgames concept. Lovelovelove. Okay. Um.

The 2High song was my jam for about a month and a half, from the day I discovered it right up until the day I got my hands on the Free to Play album. The MV is ... interesting. XD Like a lot of Thai MVs are! In that it doesn't make sense on its own and you have to construct your own story for it, and even then it forces you to stretch your idea of what makes sense and what doesn't. BUT THAT'S OKAY. IN FACT, IT'S MORE THAN OKAY, IT'S WHAT THAI POP AWESOME. Er. One of the many things that makes Thai pop awesome. \o/ The C-Quint song is gorgeous and d'awww and oh hey they're singing in beautiful white suits and looking gorgeous in said suits :O even if Pitt looks a little funny. XD It's also one of the last singles where C-Quint were five instead of four. ;______; Not that I mourn Best's presence much. From what I've seen of their promotional appearances, he didn't seem all that invested in the group anyway.

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Date: 2010-10-06 11:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm sorry about your professor :/ if it continues, can you talk to anyone about it? (assuming that by that point, you'd have talked to hir already and sie'd be ignoring you.) I've met people who had professors like that who changed after they talked to the queer group on campus and/or administrators, who then went to the professor and explained (firmly) how they were behaving inappropriately :| good luck, bb ♥

Date: 2010-10-09 01:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
): I don't understand how that professor could act that way after you expressly told him not to.

I think Fan Mai might be my favorite K-otic song. :'D

AND GUESS WHAT. I think the next thing I get around to writing will be q/dok2. XD being friends with q on Facebook is giving me bad ideas. T__T;


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